Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday, Sunday Random Thoughts

It's been a tough couple weeks with all the upheaval with my job, the medical tests and assorted other nonsense. I think the operative phrase is above. I have been sleeping a lot and really on a downer. The list of those who have managed to annoy me is too lengthy to list and would bore y'all anyway so I'll spare you that and just share a couple things that have caught my attention.

* It's sunny and in the 40s in Ohio!!!! The ice on which I've damn near killed myself is gone and I'm going to give a big fat raspberry to our city's street department for their horrible disregard for our 'hood. I'm thinking I'm going to be at city council Monday night to kvetch. And Miss Ruby is going to get a much-needed bath!

* Speaking of city council, I'm dropping some research off for my councilman. Our idiot mayor (who proves The Peter Principle) wants to install those traffic cameras from Redflex. Y'all might be familiar with them. If you go through a light on the yellow, a month later you might get a $100 traffic ticket in the mail AND if you elect to question it, they slap and extra $20 on it. A right-thinking supreme court judge in Minnesota declared these cameras unconstitutional and now the city of Minneapolis has to cough up 2.6 million bucks to the 14,000 drivers who were fleeced by this scam. Whatta guy! I don't want "Big Brother" watching me and I suspect they can use these for purposes more nefarious as well. Do you have or did you have these in your town? I have visions of a rash of rear end collisions because people don't want a ticket. Sigh.

* I'm going to physical therapy twice a week. It makes my arm feel better but I'll be damned if I think it's solving anything. I keep forgetting to do my exercises so I'm not helping things much.

* I got the DVD of a film called "Mozartballs" which features two of my good blogging buddies, Steph of Incurable Insomniac and Lynette of Shades of Life in F Major. I really loved it. And I still haven't figured out why it struck a chord (no pun intended) in my soul. I need to watch it again. The website is really well done and I recommend you take a look.

* I went to our monthly First Friday event this past Friday night. I didn't have fun. Marcia invited a friend to join us who really didn't seem to like the arts so we wound up drinking. Argh! Now I'm not averse to quaffing a brew or two when I go there but I am there to see what's going on at the various events that are featured. If I had met them instead of riding with Marcia, I could have done my usual thing and gone a-wandering. Let's just say that I learned a lesson.

* Word is that I won't be working after June. Sigh. I did, however, have an epiphany while talking with a prospective employer on the phone the other day. I realized that I will be able to manage. I have survived on less than I'll have so I just crossed that off my worry list. I felt better with that realization. If I can get a couple days a week somewhere, I'll be delighted. If I don't I'll have more time for other projects that are languishing -- or find some new ways to waste time.

* Yesterday (Saturday) was my dad's birthday. Had he lived he would have been eighty-four. He's been gone for twenty-four years. I called my stepmom as I knew he would be very much on her mind. She was delighted and we had a nice talk about him. Both of us swear he's watching us. It's really weird.

* Just a caveat: please don't put groaners in comments. If you wish to have a groaner here, please send it to the email addy in the side bar. I'm trying to keep this feature afloat for y'all and it detracts from those who make the effort to support it. Thank you!

Well, enough kvetching for today. I'm off to get the Sunday paper and see if Lynda and Mike are around. AND I'm going to try to get around to see y'all when I get back. I do apologize but I've been exhausted and have to force myself to do anything.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!


  1. Please get lots of rest, Kay, so you will be able to cope with the "down side" that life is throwing at you right now.

    I hope that things smooth out for you soon.

  2. Kay, I'm sorry to hear about the job situation. Yes, we can surprisingly live on less, yet, I do wish it otherwise for you.

    Today, is the anniversary of my father's death, nine years ago.

    I hope that you feel better this week, though I don't quite know what I mean by better. I guess I just want to send you warm greetings.

  3. I like the "all stressed out..."

    Traffic lights - we only have two in town so - no cameras.

    40 here today, too, with sun!! Almost felt like a real person.

  4. Lots going on... yes, like Darlene says, get rest and take care of yourself.

  5. I'm sorry you are in such a rough patch, Kay. At least your weather has improved. That's scary about the job ending in June, but you seem to have a good attitude. Our wages are frozen for the coming year, first time in my 18 years there. I hope to work a few more years, but since I don't need benefits anymore, I'm more employable.

    Hope this week goes better for you. Be sure to read Rain's full moon blog entry.

  6. Mild here also,in fact there was the distinct smell of Spring in the air.

    Yours are always interesting posts so please keep that up when ever you can.

  7. Reading this I found it oddly upbeat. What struck me is that you keep moving from one problem to another, have a little respite, move some more. That beats NO movement, as some of us know only too well.

    Back in NYC and using left hand for mouse but not sure it matters. You remind me that I have to start those arm exercises again and check in with the physical therapist.

    Sometimes wonder if it's the "idea" of these things helping or the reality. Think it's a life mystery?

  8. My dad's birthday was the 4th those Aquarians. He would have been 91. Hate to hear about your job problems's EVERYWHERE! My brother-in-law just lost his recently acquired new job. The economy is just awful and will be for a while. I worry about it...We all worry about it. Please take care of yourself sweetie both physically and emotionally right have had a lot of things coming at you's a lot to cope with. We all have adjustments to make that's for sure. We are all here to support one another Kay...Lord knows we're all in the same boat. Thinking of you....

  9. Isn't it nice to get temperatures above freezing? That's gotta help to make you feel a little better. I'm sorry you've got so much on your plate right now.

    There are traffic cameras in Chicago, too. I think people are just learning where they are.


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