Saturday, February 14, 2009

Little Kay Surfaces

In my fit of nostalgia this past week, I got out the photos and found the few pictures I have. Knowing my mother as I do, all traces of me are gone from the many she had -- just she did with photos of my dad. I'm not sure if my stepmom has any old photos or not but she promised that she is collecting a lot of Dad's things for me and I think she will. Y'all can embiggen them, as Judy says by clicking on them. Here are some baby and toddler pictures

Baby Kay at about three months old. And this is as close as anyone has gotten to taking a nude photo of me -- and it was the last time I was fat!!!! LOL

Baby Kay at about 6-8 months old. I'm guessing that it was Saturday and I'd gone to go see the horses with my Grandpa cause I was wearing my overalls and locket -- a gift from him at my birth. (I wrote about this on The Elder Storytelling Place a while back.) I'm not certain who was holding me but I look pretty crabby so it wasn't my Grandpa.

Here I am at about one and a half with my favorite doll, Judy -- all my dolls were named Judy. She looks like she was very loved. (giggle)

At two and a half I was considered quite accomplished because I could ride my tricycle -- long legs helped I'm sure. The curls were natural and were a dark golden blond.

At four, I delighted in swinging on the tree swing my dad put up at my maternal grandparents' dairy farm in Wisconsin. I scared the hell outta my Grandma by going too high and jumping off a-flying!!!! And no, I didn't get hurt.

Hope y'all get a laugh or two out of seeing the little dickens I once was!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Of course, I loved seeing these! All your dolls were named Judy? LOL....I guess you knew we were sisters under the skin even back then! What a cutie you were.

  2. Oh my were so cute Kay! I love these pictures. You really were an adorable little thing. I can see why you must have been the center of attention to your Grandpa...thanks for sharing these Kay.

  3. Yup!!!! I knew you were out there somewhere!!!!

  4. Joy: I lost all my cute the day I turned six. My hair turned mousy brown and the curls evaporated and I got tall and gangly. Oh well. LOL

  5. Great photos - and such a cute little girl.
    The swing looks neat!

  6. What a little doll you were back then!!

    Still a doll as far as I'm concerned.....:-)

  7. You were a real charmer, Kay. I had blond curls when I was a toddler too, but they vanished and became a mousy brown. I sigh with you.

  8. Since I am very close to your age[1 year], we probably shared many of the same toys, records, dolls, etc.
    Being the third [and last] child, there are not a multitude of photos from my pre-college years.
    Enjoy today's sunshine!

  9. We need to put our trike photos side by side. They are so much alike!

    I enjoyed looking at your childhood photos. My favorite dolls were named Ronnie and Rosie and were twins. Guess, there is some weird psychic connnection there between then and now and twin grand chilren.

  10. It seems we grew up under the same conditions, the same "playtools", even though I live in Norway.

    btw. I have family in US, even a Son

  11. Awww, what sweet photos!

    I love the laughing face of little Kay on the swing.

  12. Those pictures are so cute. You looked very happy in them.

    I have been having a hard time getting around to the blogs with my own computer being temperamental. What a week!


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