Friday, February 27, 2009

The Friday Groaner!!!!!!!

It's Friday AND we have a new contributor!!!!!!! My friend Bumps Stump aka The Grey Geezer sent along this really excellent groooaaannnn for your pleasure. Enjoy!!!!! And please welcome him to The Friday Groaner by paying him a visit.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson were camping. They were sitting by the fire getting drowsy so they decided to turn in fpr the night. A couple of hours later a groggy Sherlock opened his eyes. "Wake up quickly, Watson, and tell me what you see".

Watson, still in a sleepy daze, figures he must answer like Sherlock usually does. So Watson says; "If I was an astronomer I would see the infinite depth of the sky". "If I was an astrologer I would see the signs as clear as I ever have". If I was a meteorologist I would see that there is no rain in sight".

With that Holmes stopped him; "Watson, you idiot -- someone has stolen our tent!!!


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!


  1. Elementary, my dear Watson!

  2. I think that was in a Laurel and Hardy movie

  3. Haha The perpetrator must have stolen it from the outside because there is no proof of criminal intent

  4. It's a mystery to me that I find these groaners so funny. I look forward to chuckling inwardly, but often I laugh out loud.

  5. Like your groaners.
    Always make you smile as you groan!

  6. watson was obviously
    loitering within tent.

  7. Ha! You have to love Sherlock!


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