Friday, February 13, 2009

The Friday Groaner

It's Friday the 13th and Darlene of Darlene's Hodgepodge sent along this really cute almost groaner about some luckless fellows. And please, no complaints about blonde jokes. I contend that we all have blonde moments and I can't say a word because I started out as a blonde and know that I've had my share of them. That said, I think y'all will get an excellent groooaannn and I hope y'all have better luck than the guys in today's groaner!!! Enjoy!!!!

A blonde is watching the news with her husband when the newscaster says , "Two Brazilian men die in a skydiving accident."

The blonde starts crying to her husband, sobbing, "That's horrible!!! . . . So many men dying that way!"

Confused, he says, "Yes dear, it is sad, but they were skydiving, and there is always that risk involved."

After a few minutes, the blonde, still sobbing, asks . . .

"How many exactly is a Brazilian?"


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!


  1. too funny....and kudos to darlene for adding it to your voluminous humor file!!

  2. LOL - good one! I'll have to tell my friend from Brazil that joke!!

  3. Thank you for an early morning laugh. I just watched the news which seemed to be all bad and then I came over to your site and well. . . things look better after a good joke!

  4. Hee hee! That one worked for me!

  5. I likes that one! Thanks Darlene...and Kay.


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