Monday, January 26, 2009

Yet Another Adventure in Kay's World

"Right now I'm wracking my brain for a post for tomorrow."

I typed those words in an email to my darling friend Fran of Sacred Ordinary who some of y'all might know (and the rest of you should) and she suggested I write about my day. The more I thought about it, the better I liked the idea because I already had a paragraph from my email to her and the light bulb in my brain lit up as I remembered that I'd also written about it over at Virginia DeBolt's First 50 where I go (and you can, too!) for writing practice.

I had to be at the hospital bright and cold and early this morning for blood work (The itsy bitsy vampire in the lab was craving A- again!) and a thyroid scan. I was on a fast for the blood test and crabby after twelve hours with only water and black coffee for sustenance. I stopped at the doughnut shop and picked up a couple to nosh after the blood work. It turned out I didn’t have time for that because they took too long at the lab and I had to rush downstairs to Nuclear Medicine to take my pill before the scan. After I took it, the nurse told me I couldn’t eat for another hour (yikes!) and that they would see me at one o’clock when I returned for the x-rays. I was not happy. I was hungry. I dragged myself shopping for an hour to take my mind off food and picked up a few things I needed and then stopped at Pete’s and any concerns for my cholesterol level got tossed out the window as I ordered the Farmer’s Breakfast: two eggs, two sausage patties, two dinner plate-sized pancakes with butter and maple syrup, hash browns and toast (with grape jelly, of course). Did I eat all that? You bet your sweet bippy I did!!! That’ll teach ‘em to starve me!!!! LOL

I went back to the hospital at one like a good girl and went through the tests. I am now radioactive. I even have a card to prove it and I'm to carry it with me until Groundhog's Day. It reads:

Rad: I-123 Caps
Dose: 284.000uCi@01-26-09 08:58
The carrier of this card has undergone a nuclear procedure.
The residual radiation may be detectable externally.

I'm threatening to go out to the airport and see how many bells and whistles I can set a-jangling. I think it would be kind of fun -- nothing exciting ever happens at our airport. However, I really don't want to get up close and personal with those bozos from Homeland Security who aren't known for their sense of humor.

Instead, like the good girl I try to be, I went home. An old flame called to say he's going to be in town and asked if I'd have dinner with him later this week. I said yes because he always takes me places that don't fit my budget and we're still friends.

This isn't the first time I've had this test. I have nodules on my thyroid and they cause hyperthyroidism and it's time to decide what to do about them. The options are either more radioactive iodine or surgery. I'm praying for the former. I have a thing about surgery.

Now I need to get to bed early because I have to be at the hospital at 8:30 AM to finish my thyroid test. If I remember correctly, it will be more x-rays. The good news is I'm not on a fast. I can't get the habit of Pete's fabulous Farmer's Breakfasts or Doc Smith will throw a hissy fit and I'll gain a jeans size or two and we can't have that, can we?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck with your test results. At least you have a good attitude. Old flame doubtless helped, heh? *s*

  2. I hope all the tests are leading to improved health.

  3. Whoa love the thought of that Farmers Breakfast!! Grape jelly no One thing about having the radiation show externally ,you wont need a night lite in the bathroom.

  4. I want to go to Pete's with you!! Breakfast is my favorite meal and that sounds heavenly! Hope you are okay after the tests.

  5. I really enjoyed reading about your testing, 'cause I have to do bloodwork every 10 weeks, and misery loves company.[just kidding]. But also was interesting info, too.

  6. Good luck with the tests Kay. That breakfast sounded so good...minus the eggs for me. Enjoy your time with that old flame too sweetie... Hugs, Joy

  7. To all y'all: The test isn't a big deal. It's just to check so Doc Smith can decide what the next step will be. It's really a good thing because I'm tired of being tired.

    Rain: The old flame is not/was not a big deal. Actually he's rather a bore but I will go anyway and have a decent meal for a change.

    RR: Meeeeeee, too!

    GFB: Grab the Missus and come to Ohio!!!! We'll go to to Pete's! He serves brekky alllllll day!

    kenju: Meeeeeeee, too, sis!!!! Y'all come and join GFB and the Missus and me we'll all pig out!

    Mare: Yes it does!! I joke that there's a little vampire somewhere in the hospital that needs A- (a relatively rare blood type) to survive and I'm his (her?) designated donor.

    Joy: Come on over, I'll get Pete to make it a party for all of us!
    As to the flame, it will be dinner. Forget anything else. The nice part is I rarely see him.

  8. Pete's sounds good, radioactivity does not.
    best of luck with all the testing.

  9. those fasting tests are THE WORST! Glad there are places like Pete's close by. Swell breakfast and damn the cholesterol.

  10. Gosh, I wish I had an old flame. They have all either died or are married. You are one lucky gal even though you have a mean thyroid. I hope the tests say you can avoid surgery.

  11. Annie -- I'm not worried about the tests. We already know what's wrong and it can be fixed -- hopefully without surgery. And come for brunch with Judy, GFB, & I.

    M.E.: Yeah, they are. I don't eat much but tell me I can't eat and I'm ravenous! And the brunch invite is to you, too.

    Darlene: This old flame is isn't one I really want around -- as are most of the men I've dated. Yeah, I'm picky. I'd rather just hang out with my buddies -- male and female. It's so much easier without all the crap and drama.
    And yeah, I'll be fine. I have a great doctor.

  12. Godspeed, Radioactive Kay! And good for you for having dinner with the former flame. You deserve a nice dinner!

  13. Thar sounds like one great breakfast, that was the time to go off the wagon and have all that good stuff that couldbe bad for you but after getting up in the cold and going through what you did, you deserved it!!

    And for the dinner with that X - that was good to -
    They come in handy sometimes.

    Hope yuou get good test results!


  14. You watch out for those Homeland Security bozos ... And take care of yourself!


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