Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! The Places You'll Go!!!!

I swiped the title for this post from Dr. Seuss. It seems appropriate because I've visited some pretty interesting and fun places -- for me anyway and wanted to share them with y'all.

The Library Thing bills itself as the world's largest book club. A body can post his/her entire library or as much as they wish. Membership is free (with limitations, of course). A life membership is only $25 and I think I'm gonna go for it. A tip of my Thinking Cap to M.E. for having the widget on her blog.

For a hearty laugh go look at OnGame Dating. The real hoot is their prices. I'll do my "happily ever after" single, thank you. I gag when I see the dating service ads on TV but this place takes it to new lows.

I'm wayyyy late in posting this but The National Endowment for the Arts' The Big Read has posted their September 2008-June 2009 reading list. Check your local library to see if they are participating. I've read ten of them and I figure I can read the rest by next September. It's an interesting list.

My dear, dear Fran of Sacred Ordinary mentioned Memiary at her blog the other day. They call it the weightless pocket diary and on their site they ask the question: Don't you wish you could remember five interesting things you did last Tuesday? My answer: "Hell, yeah!" and I signed up immediately. It's easy, quick and fun!

One my favorite sites for just doodling around in mind play is Smith Magazine's Six Word Memoirs. You tell a story in six words. It's really fun and makes an interesting writing prompt. Just reading others' submissions can be a hoot or a heartbreak.

If you liked today's post about the Founding Fathers on Religion, check out this site: Founding Fathers Religion Debate and Poll for further discussion on this topic.

There!!!!!!!! That should keep y'all busy for a while!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the mention, Kay. You have some great sites here. I've done the six word thing, too.

  2. Indeed it will!

    Tell me how you have time for writing down things you did last Tues?

  3. Hi Kay ,thats a great list to check out which I will do as soon as I get a break from shoveling this pretty white snow here

  4. Kay you have shared some very neat sites. I'm going to go for the six word one.

  5. You better believe I'll be checking out those links. The Library Thing is excellent. I signed up a couple of years ago and love it!

    Six word Memoirs sounds like my cup 'o tea. I'll go there first!

    Thanks for bringing these up!

  6. cool list of stuff to keep me from working

    or thinking about working

    I hug you ;)

  7. I love teh Library Thing widget. I have it on teh Poor Mouth too

  8. Thanks for a great list! I will be checking them out, appreciate the help, I get too bogged down in stuff sometimes to do the search/find.


  9. Fran: I give credit where credit is due!!

    Judy: LOL Good one, sis!

    GFB: Don't send it here.

    Annie: Have fun!

    Scarlet: I love it, too! The trick is getting all my books entered.

    Diane: Glad to oblige!!! Don't ya just love time-wasters?

    Sylvia: How I manage is if I happen across something I like, I save it to bookmarks and then I keep a blogger "draft" with the links. When I have a half dozen or so, voila! a post!!! Comes in handy when I haven't a clue as to what I want to write.

  10. Jams: Isn't it awesome? I'll put my widget in when I get things updated properly. I hate housekeeping -- in my place or at my blog!

  11. Memiary is great. No, it's beyond great ... it's SQUEEEEEE!


  12. what a fun read. had to stop by. i loved your comment on being a chocoholic. it should be a program, although not anonymous. thanks for coming.

  13. 6 word memoir :

    Floccipaucinihilipilification is a very small word.

  14. you're darn tootin' that will keep me busy. So much for


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