Saturday, October 04, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Chilly Saturday

Cold, damp, and grey days bother me and today is no exception -- especially since I'm coming down with a cold or somesuch. I'm still on overload but I'm hoping that there's light ahead and I'm going to try to get away for a few days. I put myself to bed early last night and it helped -- I hope.

* Ya know, Sarah, it's really bad when your party has to school you on your answers for a debate because they don't trust you. Never mind that they are right. You blatantly insulted the American people with your rote replies that had nothing to do with the question asked. Frankly, Sarah, if I were you (and thank God I'm not), I'd resign. Then again, it's obvious that intelligence isn't your long suit. I am insulted that the Republican Party has such disdain for the intelligence of the American voter that they give us Campaign Barbie. And Sarah? Joe Six-pack doesn't like you calling him that -- it's a negative connotation and implication to many and frankly, he doesn't care what y'all do in Alaska. We don't have more caribou than people here in the lower 48 States and you don't seem to get it.

* Props to Joe Biden for remaining a gentleman throughout the debates. The opportunities for him to rip Sarah to shreds were many. I couldn't have resisted.

* Sincere condolences to Jack Cafferty of The Cafferty File and his daughters and grandchildren. He lost his beloved wife of thirty-five years, Carol, unexpectedly on . In his book, It's Getting Ugly Out There, he refers to meeting her as a "24 carat moment" -- how sweet is that?

* Last night was First Friday -- local arts community's monthly celebration and it was a blast! My good buddy, Marcia, and I headed downtown for the festivities. Our first stop was the church where the agency where I work is located. Courtesy of my boss, they were hosting salsa dancing lessons and serving Mexican food. Unfortunately, the instuctor had a family emergency and had to cancel but we'll be there next month. Pastor apologized and gave us some homemade tamales to take with us. We were disappointed but stopped by my friend Lynda's gallery to see the latest creations by her students and she reminded me that I'm to be there tomorrow night for "date night". If I have a date it will be Marcia -- such is romance in my life. LOL!

We kept wandering and stopped at the various exhibits and cheered on our fav street musicians while quaffing adult beverages. Cool, huh? We got a charge when we visited our friend Deloris' exhibit (which had a Halloween theme) because her 80-something mom was there again. It seems she insisted that they come get her from the nursing home because she had so much fun last month. Gotta love Sadie!!! She was grinnin' ear-to-ear as y'all can see in the photo below. The blonde is Deloris in a really tacky wig.

* A couple funny things happened last night. A handsome young man approached us and asked us if we were registered to vote. Of course we said, "Hell yeah!" and chatted with him a few minutes, Marcia asked if he was getting a lot of people to reigister. He said that about 90% of the people he'd spoken to were registered. I commented that "arts people" tended to be committed so I wasn't surprised and he agreed. He looked familiar so I asked his name. He answered, "Matthew" and I said, "Last name?" He said, "Brown." I started laughing and said, "Whoa! You're the assistant conductor of the Symphony! I'll see you Sunday night!!!" And I explained that I'm a season ticket holder. Sunday (tomorrow) the Symphony opens the 2008-09 season. he told me to be sure to say hello at the reception before the concert.

We stopped by the Art Institute's table and chatted with the nice folks there about their next exhibition which will be Japanese art. They were delighted to learn that I am a member of the Art institute. I was delighted that they had copies of a book by a local woman that I'd been wanting to read. It's called Nisei Daughter by Monica Sone and it chronicles her life as a Japanese child in the internment camps during World War II. I have always been ashamed that we did that. When Marcia heard what it was about, she bought one, too, and we're considering joining the discussion group the library is sponsoring. I'm so glad the arts community has started these monthly festivals -- it's good for the city and I hope it's introducing a lot of people to the arts. It's also good for me as it gets me out with interesting people. There was a lot of talk about the debates throughout the evening and if our arts community is any indication, Obama will win. The reason? They don't want Sarah a heartbeat away from the presidency. The word 'idiot' was used a lot.

* Every time I go to First Friday, I think of my dear friend, Joanne Lattavo. I met her when I was finishing my B.A. at age 40. A nationally known artist, she was head of the college's fine art department and taught both art and dance and we became good friends. She was a huge supporter/promoter of the arts in our city and these monthly celebrations would have thrilled her. She lost a courageous battle with breast cancer in 2001. She was one of the most beautiful, elegant, intelligent women I have ever known as well as a great friend. I miss her.

* Here's another great video I found. I hope y'all laugh as hard as I did!!!!

I'm going back to bed for a bit. Later I'll work on some things I have to have ready for a meeting on Monday and see what (if) I want to write tomorrow. I'm just glad I'm off until Wednesday.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Get some rest!

    I agree with you on what a gentleman Biden was in the debate. You could see he was addled on some things, but he just smiled broadly and looked right at her!

  2. I loved the video. Sarah is such a great subject for comedy. Too bad it's so serious.

    Your city sounds like a great place to live with all of the festivals and culture. I'm happy you participate in it and wish I still had the stamina to take part in our celebrations.

    I hope your cold is a minor ailment and doesn't get worse.

  3. Biden was a gentleman during the debate. I admire Palin as a mother, but the thought of that woman being veep or prez truly frightens me. The Republicans think she did so great at the debate, but let's face it: the bar was low for her.

    I'm glad you love the arts! That's my line of work.

    BTW, go buy some Rock and Rye. You'll feel better in no time.

  4. That sounded like such a fun evening and how great that you support the arts that way. I agree with your above comments too. What a time in which we live!


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