Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Random Thoughts and a Quick Note

The Kay's mind is rocking and reeling with all the things that are going on in the big bad world. I seem to be feeling a bit better but still coughing a lot.

* I strongly urge y'all head over to see Steph at Incurable Insomniac and read her latest post. If you're not outraged and appalled by it, I don't want to know you. The world has gone mad. I left a mini-rant in comments.

* I mentioned my concern about our dear friend Golden Lucy's absence yesterday. A light bulb went off in the back of my alleged mind last night. I suddenly remembered that I had received an email from him quite a while back because I was fighting with a problem with my computer and dear that she is, she asked Jack to assist me and -- good son that he is -- wrote offering help. Despite the thought that I probably deleted it, I went to the account where it would be and, wonder of wonders, there it was!!! I have written to him expressing our concern and hope to hear from him. I will let you know if/when I hear from him. Lesson: don't throw out emails that don't seem important at the time unless it's spam or you already have an addy on file somewhere.

* Elaine at Kalily Time has addressed a question that's nagged at me for a long time much better than I could say it. It's definitely food for thought.

* Kudos to all the Elderbloggers who are writing the excellent posts on Election 2008 featured at Time Goes By on Sunday and kudos to our fearless leader, Ronni Bennett for featuring them.

* Elaine at Kalily Time featured video at her blog with the order to pass it on -- mission accomplished.

What I really want to call this man is not my style here (if you want to know how I really feel -- call me!) so I'll settle for sleazy bigot -- it fits. He least had the decency to be embarrassed and remove the sticker before he gave it to the little guy. And huge kudos to the camera person who taped this horrible trash. And as Elaine said, pass it on!!!!

* I think McCain is realizing that his tactics are hurting him as per this video. What galled me was that there were those in the crowd who booed him when he talked about showing Obama respect. Again, I never cease to be amazed at how low some people can go.

* A couple of Sarah videos both are disturbing each in its own way: and Proof positive that we don't need her around.

I wish I could end this on a positive note but I'm sick at heart at what we are becoming in this world and am concerned about the legacy that my grandchildren will inherit.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. I don't get nauseated often, but I did when reading that top link. How very sad that there are people in the world who think that way.

  2. Watching these videos, you start to get the feeling that even McCain might be starting to wonder, “What kind of monster have I created?” I wonder if McCain, when he is alone and being reflective, asks himself, “Are these people really supporting me because I have good policies, or because they’re racists, bigots, terrified because I have made them terrified because of what I’ve allowed to be said about Obama on my behalf, etc.” I wonder if deep down McCain isn’t just a bit saddened by what his supporters are doing and saying.

  3. Kay, Lucy posted!!


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