Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Apology and Thoughts on Racism

Someone called Sandi who is obviously not a blogger left the following comment on ""The Groaner of the Week": "May make ya think twice about Obama...he seems to be lying about his Ayers ties: http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/10/20/obama-praised-searing-timely-book-ayers/. Think I'll go McCain/Palin. Obama & wifey seem to be quite racist."

I allowed it and replied: Sandi -- How in the hell can a bi-racial person be racist? I think this has to rank as the stupidest comment ever posted on this blog!!!

Then I woke up. If this person had said this in my living room I would have asked her to leave (after rolling on the floor laughing at her ignorance.) I deleted her comment for the following reasons which those of y'all who come here already know:
  1. I am not a racist or sexist or any other sort of "ist".
  2. My politics are that I basically hate all politicians because 99.9999% of them lie to us. I try vote my conscience when possible.
  3. I am an Equal Opportunity Annoyer and reserve the right to rant against any injustice I perceive even if the perpetrator of is the leader of my church or my country.
  4. My only prejudice is against stupidity -- especially when it's my own and I confess it before y'all and my God when I commit it.
  5. My dear, departed Daddy used to say that opinions are like a$$holes -- everybody has one and is entitled to one. I think Daddy was right.
  6. My blogs are my home -- and I think that says it all.

Sooooooo Sandi, you can take your racism and Fox News (the comedy division of television journalism) links and stay the hell away from my blog. Calling Obama a racist is really pretty damn silly -- his ancestry precludes his being one -- as are the black people I've heard call him a "breed" and allowing comments by either is way below the standards I set for myself. I apologize to all of you who may have been offended by my allowing it.

Rant mode off in the interest of my blood pressure's stability. I'm off and running today -- trying to get caught up from vegetating. Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Bravo Kay
    Standing ovation for you from me.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Just so happens that Obama has left the campaign for a few days to be with his very ill, possibly dying grandmother. This is the grandmother who helped to raise him and to whom he attributes a great deal of his success as a human being.

    It so-happens to be that this grandmother is WHITE.

    So much for the racist garbage...

  3. AMEN! You are right, Kay.

  4. I look at it this way: if someone walked into my living room uninvited and started spouting their ideas i front of my family and friends, I'd kick their ass out and get a restraining order. On the web I do this by deleting them, then banning their IP#.

    Good for you, Kay!

  5. Good for you! I only wish more people out there would show the door to those who exhibit their ignorance and hatred!!!

  6. Now wait a minute my dear friends...Kay, may I step into your living room? If not, just don't allow this comment. Where is it written that African Americans can't be racist? My daughter (a Caucasian appearing bi-racial child) had a good friend in high school (an African American appearing bi-racial child) who could not visit us because her mother did not like her having white friends. The mother simply assumed we were total Caucasians. I admire you a lot and certainly don't want to make you angry, but I do think we have to admit that racism comes in all shades and colors.

  7. Annie: Of course, you are welcome! You are my friend and you are not famous for nasty comments. Racists come in all sizes, shapes and colors as I stated here. I simply stated that Obama and other bi-racial folks can't be racists without looking like idiots. I've heard black people refer to bi-racial people as "breeds" as in half breeds and I hate that as much as I hate the N word. Neither is allowed in my house.

    Obama hasn't played the race card
    -- he can't without insulting his mother and grandparents who made him the man he is -- but McCain and Palin sure have and so have many of their supporters as did the one whose comment I deleted.

    I am sad for that little girl -- her mother is being over protective. Then again, maybe they've had some bad experiences. An long-time friend and her husband (white -- if that matters) adopted a bi-racial child and Teresa is now a darling young woman with children of her own. Her parents can tell stories of bad experiences she had. I saw some of the things myself at our church by so-called Christians.

    And I stand by my right to disallow comments that I consider inappropriate or inflammatory.

  8. And yes racism is alive and well but giving it credibility makes it worse. And I still think calling a biracial person a racist is pretty silly.

  9. Good for you, Kay. I draw the line at intolerance and hatred also. And let's not forget stupidity.

    Although I have yet to experience anything containing overt expressions of any of the above, I tell myself I would try to allow it to remain posted anyway figuring it serves the purpose of exposing some people for what they really are.

    I haven't been blogging very long, so we'll just have to see if that unfortunate day ever comes when I have to consider deleting a comment - or moderating comments.

    In the meantime, I support your right and decision to rid your space of anything inane or offensive.

  10. Kay,
    Thank you for shouting out against prejudice of all kind and for giving me the extra boost this morning to stand tall, proud, and shout out for what I believe. Now i am going to make my own political sign for the yard. It will say, Hate is not a Family Value Vote No on 8.

  11. Maria -- I am proud of you!!! I love that sentiment. It sounds as if you are feeling much better than you did when I visited you last night. Today you sound like the strong woman I know you are. Hallelujah and you go, girlfriend!!! :)

  12. Wow, this is why I went to moderating until the election is over. What a hot and heavy time. I agree with what you said totally, of course. I don't see any racism in Obama at all. He was raised bi-racial and he doesn't show the prejudice against either race that some can show. I also find racism to be detestable. It's no reason to vote for or against someone.

    As for what Michelle said, this country has a history of racism. Of schools that were segregated, water fountains that only one race could drink from, buses where you could only sit one place if your color wasn't correct, and to deny that is to ignore history. Someone saying it never happened, didn't change it. She grew up experiencing things many of us never will. I think she didn't believe this country was ready to elect a person of black ancestry and she was still in shock when she said what she did. It wasn't that the country had never done anything good but it had done a lot that was not. Black people experience, even today, a world a lot of us won't. The day is coming when nobody will or at least that is what we should all hope for.

    What is getting me is all this talk about pro and anti America. It's not anti America to say we can do better. It's not pro America to ignore the bad things we do. Love means more than saying syrupy things. It means holding the one we love to be accountable to right standards.

    In short-- good for you! *s*


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