Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yikes!!!!! Another meme!!!!

I haven't done a meme in a while -- the last one opened up a can of worms I can't get closed so I'm a bit leery of them. However, Gary over at Three Score and Ten created one that is fun so I'm giving it a try!

1) What is your favorite quotable line from a Movie.

"Round up the usual suspects!" (Claude Rains in "Casablanca")

2) Who is the most famous person you have spoken to?

Joe Walsh of the Eagles ('cept he wasn't famous then --he was at college with me and played in a great bar band called "The Measles" who later became "The James Gang")

3) How many bags/boxes of Potato Chips are consumed at your place in a month?

Maybe two.

4) Who is your all time favorite Cartoon Character?


5) What foreign food Dish do you prepare from scratch and Serve?

Pastisio -- a fabulous Greek pasta dish! Sheer heaven!!!!

6) What is your favorite section of the Supermarket?

The bakery!!!!

7) What was your high school teams mascot and what were the school's colors?

The Eagles -- Red and Blue

Now I get to tag 5 people and I choose: Darlene (a new blogger who I hope to be the first to tag her with a meme, Xtreme English (because I love her sense of humor), Judy ('cause we're sisters separated until we met through blogging! lol) Granny Annie ('cause we need her country point of view & has pretty chickens) and BearNaked ('cause I'm a sucker for teddy bears)!!!

Pass it on!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Kay
    I will try to do the MeMe as soon as I can.
    I am still having a great deal of pain today and have not slept properly for two nights.
    Sitting up and trying to sleep is not working.
    Hopefully tomorrow I will feel a little better.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Thanks for tagging me. I've never participated in a meme but, as you say, this one doesn't open any cans of worms or.......whoop-ass.

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  5. Wow! Thank you for the compliment, Kay. I must tell my daughter and, boy, will she be surprised. I think she has me classified as humorless.

  6. Woe is me. I didn't mean to publish all three. I got bushwhacked when I first signed in to the wrong account and kept trying to publish using a different one.

    Now we both need a sense of humor. ;)

  7. I fixed it, Darlene!!! I've done it, too!

  8. Cute meme! Thanks, Kay, I'll get to it in a few days. Enjoyed your answers and the sister link! LOL


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