Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random "Catch-up" Sunday Thoughts

What a week!!!!! My mom always has said that there's no rest for the wicked. I'm wondering about the state of my soul at this point given that I've had damned little rest this week! LOL! It's been busy, busy, busy here and next week doesn't look much better!!! I'd best make sure Mass is on my "to so" list for tomorrow!

* Thanks to all y'all who have asked to be included in the new blog. Anyone who is interested please feel free to drop me a note and I'll have Blogger send an invitation. It's keeping me busy with organizing everything and doing some much needed editing. When I was a kid, a frequent criticism of my teachers was: "Kay rushes her work." Some things don't change much -- now I think faster than I type.

* The office is hectic as we're getting ready for the annual visit of the Mexican Consul who will be here with her staff to renew, passports and visas. We have everyone come in ahead of time to pre-register and get their paperwork in order so the process goes quickly and efficiently. I hit the ground running when I got back from Motown and haven't stopped yet.

* Today is going to be catch up around here day. I need to work on my gardening and do some re-organizing. So what else is new? My project list is far too long but perhaps I'll make wee dent in it.

* Friday night I was invited to a benefit for a local theater group at one of my favorite restaurants. Maria, the owner, donated the food and members of the company sang requests. All this for whatever one wanted to donate plus the cost of your adult beverages. I thought excellent all-you-can-eat pasta primavera, rigatoni, and sausage and peppers AND great entertainment was worth twenty bucks, don't you? A good time was had by all!

* Yesterday after working all day I joined a bunch of my neighbors at a little restaurant downtown owned by one of our city councilman. It's usually only open weekdays for lunch but he invited us to get together there and provided gratis the best coneys in town. And no, he's not up for re-election. LOL It was fun! I caught hell because I haven't been to a city council meeting for a while and I warned him and the president of city council that they should be glad because I have a new bee in my bonnet that I want to talk about so the mayor can promise he'll call me. I still haven't heard from him from the last time he did. I'm keeping score. They laughed and dared me to say "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" when he does. I'll prolly just roll my eyes and walk away from the lectern.

* The Football Hall of Fame Festival is coming up and the troops have designated my place home base on parade day. We had so much fun last year that I couldn't say no so I'll be hosting brekky and lunch! 'Sides, some haven't seen how nicely I've fixed things up and I want to show off a bit.

* Remember
The Zimmers? Their forthcoming album will feature a wonderful solo by Geriatric1927. Here's the video called "Old and Wise". I just love it and hope y'all do, too!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. I played in the dirt myself yesterday, a refreshing change of pace after my hectic second week as a nonprofit development director.

    My thoughts are with you regarding your recent parting if ways.

  2. Random thoughts create procrastination. Once I start thinking, my day is off on a whole new direction.

    I wish, I wish I could open your video. Have I mentioned that I hate dial up??!!

  3. Kay
    What is a coney?
    This Canadian has never heard of that.

    Bear((( )))

  4. It's a hotdog with a hamburger-based chili sauce -- allegedly it was invented Coney Island -- a NYC amusement park. Messy but Yum!

  5. I like that video. Beautiful


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