Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Need Gas? Cheap gas?

Just a quick note before heading down the road to meander my way home, here's a helpful hint for all y'all!

I'm sure all y'all are as concerned about gas prices as I am! Show me someone who isn't and I'll marry him because he's rich enough to afford me!!!! LOL

What I really want to know is . . . Why does gas in Michigan costs 12+ cents more per gallon than it does in Ohio! Is it one of those things that's done with magic or what?

The Man discovered that Motor Trend magazine has a
page that will eliminate the search for the lowest prices in your area and saves driving around looking for them! Just type in your zip code and voila! the best prices on gas near you! It's updated frequently so it's pretty accurate. There's also a widget for your blog available and you can see it in my side bar. Hope some of y'all find it as helpful as I did!!!!

See ya when I get home!!!!!

Happy Blogging and Cheaper Gas!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I feel your pain, Kay! It makes no sense. You'd think Michigan, home to the automakers, would have lower gas prices. Or at least reasonable ones.

    For nearly 2 decades I lived in Georgia, and for some reason, our gas prices were always about 10 cents lower than nearly anyone else except maybe Oklahoma. Starting about 3 years ago the prices shot up, and now New Jersey seems to be one of the cheapest states -- as my son, who lives there, continually reminds me.

    Safe trip...


  2. Probably for the same reason that gas in NC is about 20 cents higher per gallon than it is in VA - state taxes. Ours are horrible on gas.

  3. Kenju has at least on part of the story in hand. We have had a bit of a furor in nearby Chicago because of increased city and county sales taxes which impacted the price of gas. The largest part of the price of a gallon of gas anywhere seems to be taxes which is the explanation of why European pump prices are so much higher than ours.

  4. Wish I could find a Canadian site like that one.
    Our gas prices are ridiculous here.


  5. Some of the price difference is state taxes but some just makes no sense at all. They are getting what they can get. Glad you had a good time. I'm getting ready for a trip also. Just across the mountains though and some time with the kids and grandkids


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