Monday, July 28, 2008

Celebration 2008

In case y'all don't understand what's going on here this week, it's the National Football League Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival!!! It's over a week long celebration and we roll out the red carpet for all and sundry to pay homage those who have exhibited excellence on the gridiron.

It's a fun week complete with a queen and her court, lots of old football players and events include hot air balloon festival, a fashion show, a ribs burnoff, parades, fireworks, celebrities, various dinnersand parties, the enshrinement ceremony and, oh yeah, a football game! This year is the Indianapolis Colts vs. the Washington Redskins. (Yawn!) Everything is usually a sellout. It's our tourist season to which I ask: If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot 'em?

I enjoy all the events -- I used to volunteer as a hostess at the Enshrinee's Dinner and Cocktail Party and never missed the fashion show. These days I just hang out with friends at various events. I love the ribs burnoff which not only has lots of great food (I may get kicked out of ElderExercise for this! I do love good ribs!!!) but features well-known entertainment, too! This year .38 Special, Joe Diffey, and Spin Doctors will have the Fairgrounds rockin' on the three nights it runs!! We'll probably go wednesday and Thursday and skip the Spin Doctors so we don't miss the arts community's monthly First Friday party downtown. All the galleries are open and there's music and food and all sorts of activities.

Here's a video of the Hall of Fame to give y'all an idea of what it's about. I'm not a huge pro football fan (unless the Brown are having a good year) but it really is an interesting place.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. I don't know why, but I am NOT a sports fan. My family almost disowns me during football or basketball season because I don't even know which season it is. Now, if they had chicken races, I'd watch that:-)

  2. I know this will sound like sacrilege, but what I know about football could be put in a tin cup. After school, I could never just get interested in seeing grown men tackle each other.

    But your party sure sounds like fun and, were I younger, I would be there.

  3. Both Ted E and I are huge fans of the CFL (Canadian Football League.)
    I have to confess we don't really watch many NFL games until after the Grey Cup is over.
    GO ARGOS!!!!!!!!

    Bear((( )))


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