Saturday, June 14, 2008

Curing the Blahs

It could have been a bad blah day but it hasn't been one. My favorite song from "Funny Girl" is "Don't Rain on My Parade" and ain't nobody or nothin' gonna do that to me.

Yesterday evening we a neighborhood gathering at Woodie's (the drive-in with the pretty young thangs as carhops and good rock & roll muzak!). It was fun and we agreed that these gatherings are a good thing as we are getting to know each other better as well as supporting our neighborhood businesses. We're obviously sometimes a bit slow on the uptake as we stood and watched a summer storm roll in and didn't duck for our cars until the lighting and rain started full force! LOL By the time I drove the few blocks home, it was pouring buckets!

At any rate, I woke up implausibly early this morning amazingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after going to bed far too late after getting awfully depressed for no good reason. The good news is I could make it downtown to the Farmer's Market. (I'd had a nasty round with the Black Dog and still can't decide what caused it.) I looked outside and saw the grey, wet weather and my first impulse was to scratch that idea. I ignored it and decided that I'd go anyway. Finding a parking place was easy. A lot of the vendors stayed home as as did the shoppers. It was a good thing I stopped at the ATM on my way because I found some really neat stuff. One flower seller had truly lovely bouquets and I bought one with Lilies and Sweet Williams. I have always loved the latter -- my mother always grew them and I hadn't seen any in years. A produce vendor had beautiful red leaf and Bibb lettuce and I bought bunches of each. I couldn't resist the Greek pastry vendor's baklava and almond cookies and got some wonderful cinnamon rolls from the Amish bakers. Another vendor -- a local farmer -- had fresh bratwurst and homemade noodles which triggered memories of summer visits to my Bavarian grandparents' farm so you don't have to guess what I'm having for supper tonight -- with fresh salad of course!!! A local plant nurseryman had perennials at a reasonable price so I bought some gorgeous gaillardia for the flower beds at home. They are happy-looking flowers so I had to have them. I wish now that I'd bought some of the yellow daisies he had. Sigh. Another young lady had some really lovely handmade jewelry that I admired but didn't have sufficient funds to succumb -- probably a good thing and there's always next week! I'm glad I went -- it was a nice way to start the day!

The sun has come out and it's gonna be a hot, muggy afternoon in the 90s. The ground is too wet to plant today but since it's supposed to be nice tomorrow, it will perfect for weed-pulling and planting. As soon as I hit "Publish Post" I'm heading down the hill to my friend Dolores' shop where she sells houseplants, objets d'arts and crafts as she is celebrating its sixteenth birthday! Nice to see a small businesswoman succeed so I have stop by and give her her propers.

I also need another stop at the ATM -- Isaac's going to wash my car today or tomorrow! A potentially bad day has been successfully averted! Hallelujah!!!

Hope y'all are enjoying your Saturday!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!


P.S, Don't forget -- tomorrow is Father's Day!!! If you still have your dad, hug him!!!! If not, hug or give good wishes to all the dads in your life!!!!


  1. naomi dagen bloom4:23 PM

    kay, farmers' market jaunt sounds so good. i love gallardia, brought some dug up at the beach in north carolina one summer and replanted. they loved baltimore--many do.

    have a lovely dinner. getting dark in the afternoon here, muggy. and what will the weather be in portland, oregon when we get there tomorrow. airline limits help me into a less-is-more in clothes department. but then there's the knitting...

    spouse, son, son-in-law, all terrific fathers unlike mine. i'm very fortunate! yours, naomi

  2. Kay, I love to go to our farmer's market, but since it is a 25 mile round trip for me, I don't do it often. More's the pity! Yours sounds like a place I'd want to go often, especially for the flowers.

  3. We have lots of farmers markets, too, and I don't go often enough. I had a great day, too, and I'm glad you got rid of The Black Dog.

    May tomorrow be equally as happy for both of us.

  4. Kay
    I am glad you had a good, happy day even though it started out on a bum note.

    Amazing how just getting out can lift our spirits, most especially when flowers are involved.

    Take care.
    Janet (Chancy)


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