Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Random Thoughts

It's Sunday and I was a baaaaaad girl! I missed Mass. That I was really tired is my only excuse. Fortunately, I have come to believe in a loving and forgiving God who won't send me to hell for doing so like the nuns told us in school. 'Sides, I can guaran-damn-tee y'all that if He wants to send me to Hell, He can find lots of bigger and better reasons to do so. Therefore, I not only believe in a loving and forgiving God, I rely on Him to save me from myself and understand my failings.

* It's a pretty day in Ohio and I'm going to go work outside for a bit. It's still been too chilly at night for planting flowers but I think my shovel and I can do a bit of digging in preparation.

* A trip to visit my favorite Uncle Joe and Aunt Ingrid up in Cleveland's suburbs is on the horizon. What a gathering that will be! I'm sure he'll gather as much of the clan as possible because he loves to entertain. He suffered a stroke a few months ago and, fortunately, they caught it in time and he's doing just fine. In fact, he and Aunt Ingrid just got back from a trip to North Carolina to see their eldest grandson. Yikes! I can't believe the cousins' kids are getting
so damned old!

* I thought it rather funny that Northwestern University has withdrawn its offer of an honorary degree to the the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. You can read about it
here. Wright, of course, has it wrong on why they did so according to university officials. And the circus we call Election 2008 continues . . . Is anybody else as tired of it as I am? Sigh.

* I got my tax refund and my rebate and am saving part to buy something special in June and get a chair in my living room recovered. The latter has a special place in my heart and while some think I should just replace it, I simply can't as it's a symbol of how far I've come. I'll explain more as "How I Got to Be Me Continues".

* Mostly-ignored Republican candidate, Ron Paul, is still running in spite of being shunned by the media. His supporters shut down
Nevada's GOP convention over rules and now his new book, Revolution: A Manifesto, is #1 on Amazon. I checked the site and it's on back order. All this tells me is that the media is in bed with the front runners, is biased as hell, and have appointed themselves king makers. I, frankly, like it that Paul's followers are fighting back!
* The Kay is planning to go away for a few days soon and to hell with the price of gas! I need a break from life.

* Are you a Libertarian? It's something to think about because former Georgia congressman,
Bob Barr, has set up a website and is considering a run for the presidency as a Libertarian. There is some interesting commentary on this here. The World's Smallest Political Quiz can tell you which way your leanings go. You might be surprised. (A tip of my Think Cap to Maria at Silver Fox Whispers for the link to the quiz,)

* In case y'all wondered, I still am thinking about voting a resounding "NO" for president.

* On a brighter note, our local symphony closed it's season last night with a fabulous
performance that featured some wonderful guests and the symphony chorus. I particularly enjoyed a rare whimsy by Bach called "The Coffee Cantata" which was an amusing break amid heavier pieces. The Kay was there and on her feet with the rest of the audience when the programme ended. The schedule is out for next year and I've tentatively renewed my subscription barring thoughts in other directions. (And, oh yeah, my dress got rave reviews, too! LOL)

* I love
The Onion. It's always a good grin. What a delight to discover that they've gone video, too, so I'm including this video to give y'all a chuckle in closing!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. I missed mass today, too, because there isn't a single Catholic church in the town where I grew up. God will not punish us!

    I'm with you on the gas thing. Although I've spent major $$ going back and forth to NC these past few months, I need a major road trip to some place I've never been.

  2. I have to make two 600 mile road trips this summer, and I am not looking forward to paying for the gas! Once saving grace is that the place I am travelling to has cheaper gas than NC, due to less tax per gallon. YAY!


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