Sunday, February 10, 2008

Random Well-Chilled Sunday Thoughts

Welcome to Ohio!!!! It's around 5 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill factor of about -15 degrees and the wind is going 25-35mph. Can y'all say "Brrrrrrrr"? I can and you can bet it's making me cranky! I haven't felt well all week which is my only excuse for not posting more this week. I'll be glad when they finally get all these health issues sorted out and hopefully stabilized. I'm tired of being tired.

* After the first week of testimony, things don't look good for Bobby Cutts, the accused murderer of Jessie Davis and their unborn daughter. I'll be back on Tuesday with more details. This week the defense opens its case. The burning question is: Will Cutts testify? Color me surprised if he does.

* I am sad. My friend Brian, who I used to work with, died a few days ago. He was only 55. Cancer got him. Fortunately, it was relatively quick. He was one of the happiest, funniest guys I've ever known. Everyone loved him and he will be greatly missed. He was the kind of guy who always noticed a new dress or hairstyle -- usually with a big grin and "Hey girl! You're stylin'!" His nickname for me was "Little Red Riding Hood" because I used to wear a bright red duffle coat with a hood in winter. Every time he called me that I'd laugh and tell him I was too tall to be little anything. He'd remind me that I was littler than he was. He loved his family greatly and when his stepdaughter was attendant to the Hall of Fame Queen last summer, no one could have been prouder than he was. Damn, Brian, I know you're up there with the Lord feeling fine again and charming the heck out of everyone but you left us 'way too soon. I know you wouldn't want us to cry but I can't help it, I'm going to miss you.

* Did you know that in Ohio (maybe other states, too) our candidates for Congress don't have to live in the district where they are running for office? We've had the same Congressman for so long, I didn't know that and, in the past, his opponents have always been from here. He's finally retiring when his term is up at the end of this year and there are three Republicans and two Democrats who want his job -- one of them doesn't live here. All I can say is, I won't vote for anyone who doesn't live here. I can't wait until he knocks on my door. Can you say 'carpetbagger'? I can and I will be more specific and to the point -- 'damned carpetbagger'.

* It's pre-primary in Ohio and half the time when the phone rings, it's another political survey or political message. The other day there was even a recorded message from Dick Cheyney who, if y'all, if you read here regularly, know is a guy I absolutely adore. I wish it had been him in person but I would probably wound up arrested under the Patriot Act or somesuch for telling him to do the physically impossible. I like the surveys best and I have fun with them with irreverent replies. If one listens, one can tell who is calling. The latest one was from the Democrats about the race for State Representative (I like my friend Tom and told them so) and they also wanted to know how our new governor was doing (He's done something?). A couple years ago I got a call from the campaign for the family court judge who put my divorce on continuance FOUR times and kept me in hell for almost two years. I laughed at them and told them I was going to stand by the signs outside polling places and shout at women not to vote for him.

* It wasn't my week for people. I have discovered that someone I trusted has lied to me about several things and yes, it was serious. I'm not certain if I can handle this gracefully.

* My former neighbors (the ones that finally got evicted) are still creating havoc in the 'hood. Her sister is my next door neighbor and the sweetest person you could find. I discovered that they were visiting her the hard way: a voice screaming profanities at top volume at 3:00 AM. I called the city police and they came and took him away. It seems there was an outstanding warrant on him but I knew that -- a very polite young sheriff's deputy was by looking for him a day or so before the incident so I sent him next door after telling him that he no longer resided here and why. Funny thing: our block is ever so quiet peaceful since they moved. My neighbor said she told them they had to be quiet when they arrived and apologized for the disturbance. She also said they aren't welcome anymore. I feel sorry for her. Unfortunately, you can't choose your relatives. I have a few I'd like to forget.

This week ahead looks busy. I've got work, a bunch of meetings and calling hours for Brian. I will also be meeting the new mayor, and having dinner with old friends. Hopefully, my energy will hold and I'll get caught up here and find my way around to visit y'all!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Kay,

    I'm sorry about your friend's passing and also about the trust issue with the friend. I've dealt with both situations, and they aren't easy. Peace be with you!

  2. Kay,

    I'm sorry about your friend's passing and also about the trust issue with the friend. I've dealt with both situations, and they aren't easy. Peace be with you!


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