Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random Sunday Thoughts Redux

Here are a couple things that came up that I forgot to share. That's what happens when an old gal loses her notes.

* Bill Clinton is in our fair city today to support Hillary's bid for the presidency. Governor Ted Strickland will be with him. Our new Mayor, William J. "call me Jamie" Healy, Jr. -- a Democrat --will be hosting these gentlemen. Healy has, so far, not endorsed either of the remaining Democrats and says he won't until after the convention. Strickland is a big supporter of Mrs. Clinton as she helped him get elected and he in turn helped Healy get elected. Some pundits have questioned Healy's wisdom in not endorsing Hillary in that it could keep our city from getting support from Columbus. That may be so but Columbus tends to ignore us anyway so I think they're worrying needlessly. The funniest thing I've heard about Bill's visit is that the Kay got a phone call inviting her to attend Bill's speech! I nearly died laughing when I questioned why I was invited and they said they were including community leaders. Moi? I have a feeling I wound up on a list somewhere because of some of my community activities. I think y'all know that I expressed regrets. When I went to Mass this morning, I waved to the cops who were out in force along with the Federal types as my beloved church is only a few blocks from where ol' Billy is speaking. I don't do crowd scenes anymore even when they promise me a good seat. 'Sides, my BS meter is in the shop. LOL

* I want to reiterate that the Friday Groaner queue is terribly low. Please send some post haste. Use the email addy in the sidebar. I don't want to see this feature die.

* Speaking of groaners, my good buddy, Winston over at Nobody Asked . . . commented that this past week's GOTW was the worst yet. Y'all ain't seen nuthin' yet!!!! The week of my birthday in April, I will be posting what I consider the world's worst and longest groaner. Get ready!!!! It's a doozy!!!!! And don't say I didn't give y'all fair warning!

Happy Blogging!!!


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  1. I thought the latest campaign strategy was NOT to use Bill as he was hurting, not helping the cause?



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