Saturday, February 02, 2008

Random Saturday Thoughts -- Cranky and Otherwise

It's Saturday and the Kay is feeling a bit cranky after a week of feeling lousy and marveling at the idiocy she sees around her. My best soap box is going to be in the shop for repairs at the rate I'm going. Good thing there's a spare in the closet!

* Today is Groundhog's Day and
Punxatawney Phil didn't see his shadow. That means six more weeks of winter! Sigh. Many years ago, in my crazy misspent youth, a buddy and I were having a drink after work and realized that the next was February 2nd and took off for Pennsylvania for the festivities. We had fun. I miss that kind of spontaneity in my life. Today also is the anniversary of the birth of my paternal grandmother. She would have been 103 today. As it was, she lived to age 98 and we were blessed to have her so long. I miss you, Grandma!

* Recently I attended a grass roots political meeting and a woman I know vaguely asked me which political party I supported. I laughed and said, "Neither! I hate everybody!" She informed me -- obviously having no sense of humor -- rather rudely that "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." I was good. I didn't slap her although, for a split second, I thought about it. I simply ignored her -- mostly because I was on the committee sponsoring the event and to do otherwise would have been tacky. I also didn't tell her that what I do stand for is above and beyond her blindly swallowing her party's line. I stand for the Constitution of the United States of America. That gives me and all y'all the freedom and the huge responsiblity of voting for the candidate who we feel will best serve and preserve the principles of our Founding Fathers and ultimately, us. In the forty years I've been voting, it's become more and more difficult to choose such a person as the candidates from both parties seem to only have a nodding acquaintance with that fine document. I refuse to be a "one issue" voter or choose a candidate based on race, gender, or good looks (my mother has been known to do the latter).

* I saw the film "Mad Money" last weekend. I won't say it's Oscar material but it was funny and I loved seeing Diane Keaton looking great -- lined face and all. I really respect her. She is aging wonderfully and gracefully with no pretensions. I looked around me in the theater and noticed that the bulk of the audience were elders. It was the same when I saw "The Bucket List." Maybe Geezer Flicks are "in".

* This week marked the thirtieth anniversary of a pivotal event in my life. It also marked the ninth anniversary of another new beginning for me. Those will be discussed at a later date. It hit me that January isn't the best month for me. Maybe I should just pull the covers over my head on New Year's Day and not surface again until Ground Hog's Day.

* The video below is from the Hannity & Colmes Show on Fox. If ever I saw anything that speaks to why no one with a degree of sanity should vote for Hillary, this is it. Anne Coulter, who defines the term "venomous bitch" and thinks that Jews need to be "perfected", states that if John McCain is nominated, she will campaign for Hillary Clinton. Does that tell y'all anything? That anyone takes this woman seriously astounds me and tells me how miserably low our collective I.Q. has dropped. And yes, I know allegedly intelligent people who think she's great. And yes, I do agree with her that John McCain is a damned fool. If it's a Clinton vs. McCain ticket, I might just stay home in November as there's no option for voting "NO!" Where is Pat Paulsen now that we need him? (Rant mode off)

Closing on a very positive note (pun intended), tonight I'm attending our local Symphony's 70th Anniversary celebration concert. I'm quite excited as I get to,what my daughter would call, "get ragged down" and the programme is "Greatest Opera Hits." Y'all may not know it but the Kay enjoys opera immensely and this should be a treat because I'll be hearing some of my favorite arias. The downside is figuring out what I'm going to wear as glitz doesn't tend to be warm. Afterward, I'll probably join my old friends, Fred and Nancy -- two of the very nicest people I know -- for a late supper. They are pillars of the symphony and were delighted to discover I'd bought season tickets this year. It should be a fun evening.

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Every election that comes around, I miss Pat Paulsen. He was spot on about everything.

  2. You are probably enjoying your opera at this very minute - at least I hope so. I agree with most of what you say here.

    "Geezer" flicks - I love it! Maybe Hollywood has finally realized there are a lot of us out there and we have time time and the money to see a movie!

  3. Steph: You are so right! Wasn't the STAG (Straight Talkin' American Gov't) party grand? And thanks!!!!

    Judy: It was wonderful! I'm promised myself I'm going to see "Atonement" next. I think I need to take a box of tissue for that one though or I'll ruin my makeup.

  4. I was a little girl when Pat ran, but I remember it vividly. You know, if Anne C. campaigns for Hillary, then McCain is a shoo in. I may be hiding under the covers in November myself!

  5. Oh, Kay! just FYI, this comment is bein posted with an Opera browser.

    I like Gilbert And Sullivan myself,
    you inspired me to listen to "For he is an Englishman" on the iPod right now :-)

  6. kay,

    always enjoy hearing about your activities out in the world, so to speak. though i have to say that i might have risked a smack by you like the woman at the political meeting. for me, current events seem way too dangerous not to be party-connected for the next election.

    of course, there's always nader--what a tragic guy. on her "democracy now" amy goodman asked him some hard questions to which he did not bat an eye by giving weird responses. and she may have once been a supporter of his green party effort.

    would be refreshing if we lived in a country with a third party but that feels like another exercise in futility.

    more about going to opera, please. courageous of you to think about dress-up clothes. i've reached the "i wouldn't wear those shoes" stage and will never return!

    yours, naomi (still thinking i'll pull the lever for edwards on tuesday as effort to have a tiny voice)

  7. "If it's a Clinton vs. McCain ticket, I might just stay home in November as there's no option for voting "NO!" Where is Pat Paulsen now that we need him?'

    I can tell you if those are the two choices, I will not vote in that race as I too want to shout NO! on that choice. (I will, however, vote because there are other local races that I care about, even tho' in this area, my vote is hardly ever in the majority)

    My candidate is now out of the race, so Obama is who I will be standing for on Tuesday at the Caucas -- this could be a very interesting (UGLY?) election season.

    PS: I agree, we need Pat Paulson -- at least then we could smile a bit!


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