Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Cranky (& Otherwise) Wintry Thoughts

It's been an interesting week. The weather has been nasty -- in the last 48 hours we've had snow, sleet, and freezing rain not to mention single digit temperatures. I am ready for some Spring. I want to go play in the park, dig up my flower beds and and get my front porch looking nice instead of windblown. I want to try out my new photography toys as I wander around the city. I'm tired of sweaters and bulky coats and boots. I want to stop replenishing my supply of sidewalk salt. Oh well -- today we're supposed to reach a balmy 34. Sigh

* I went to an Artist's Reception at the Art Institute last night. It was the opening of a very interesting exhibit by a local artist,
Larry Pulka.  He builds beautiful, intricate, hand-carved models of historic ships from hardwoods. I was fascinated by it -- probably because the sort of patience required for such an undertaking is anathema to me. That there were a couple dozen of these magnificent models astounded me. 
I also took time to see another exhibition I really enjoyed by Cincinnati artist Eileen McConkeyShe calls herself an artist of space as her paintings are inspired by photos produced by astrophotography. I always have fun with that sort of thing. I call it participation art because to truly appreciate it, a body has to move around and look at it from every angle to get the full understanding of it. I'm sure some people think I'm nuts but it works for me. As usual there was a lovely wine and cheese buffet for the meet and greet with the artist. I find it interesting that the bulk of the attendees are elders. Don't young people appreciate the arts?

* Good news from Blogger!!!!! According to their Known Issues page, "Check Spelling" now works again. I gave it a trial run and it appears to be true. I am glad.

* The Ohio primary is coming up and I still can't decide who's going to get my vote. I might go over and put my two cents worth in at Obama's headquarters just for fun. Hillary snubbed us and put her office over in Massillon despite our city being the county seat. Funny because when I was a kid "winding up in Massillon" was not a good thing. It was the home of a state mental hospital that has since closed. I have no idea if McCain has set up shop anywhere in the county yet. If he has, it's a secret. Ron Paul hasn't an office but he has four groups of supporters who are making him known.

* I surprised myself at the office this week by walking in and switching to Spanish mode without even thinking about it.
* Speaking of the office, did you ever voluntarily take on a project to make someone else's life easier and find yourself buried by it? Guilty as charged. ;-)
* Kudos to the State of Ohio's excellent user-friendly OPLATES website. I got a notice in the mail that my license plates would expire in 90 days and discovered that I could renew my plates online with my debit card so I did immediately. No more standing in line at the BMV. Hallelujah!

* I think I've mentioned that I was been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about a year ago due to nodules on my thyroid. My doctor doesn't seem to do or tell me much so I keep wading through the thousands of web pages about it. I finally found a page that actually lists the side effects of this crapola. Out of the 15 listed (of which one has not applicable) I have eight that I notice. They explain why I feel lousy and have for so long. I'm due to have a procedure done in a few months that will hopefully make me feel human again. In the meantime while they've been jacking me around, I've paid a price for it mentally, emotionally and physically and I'm angry. My next trick is finding a web page that tells me how to counteract these things.

* I found this video at YouTube and I hope y'all laugh as hard as I did!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Kay
    Good post as usual. Just thought I would tell you that my young sister suffers from hyperthyroidism So far its controlled by drugs but someday an operation will probably needed.

  2. Kay, the "side effects" link doesn't work.


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