Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kay's Wonderful World of Weird Words #4

It is seriously cold and bone-chilling windy in Ohio. In the grand tradition of Carnac the Magnificent, y'all ask, "How cold is it?" It is so cold that . . . the windows and doors were frozen shut on poor Miss Ruby and I had to call AAA to get them open so I could get to the office. Other than needing the money, I may as well have stayed home. There's nada to do today and so I guess I get to play here unless the phone rings. OOPS! The boss just stuck his head in to tell me that he has some new data for one of my spreadsheets so another plan "gang aft agley" in the words of Robert Burns.

Okay, I'm back after six hours of wrestling with data and the ever-ringing telephone -- mostly en espanol of course. I'd love to ask my favorite question: "Can I go now? My brain is full." but since I was late this morning that wouldn't be very nice.

I recently added a new Word-A-Day to the half dozen or so I already have emailed daily. This one is from the
Urban Dictionary. It's really kind of fun because it's a dictionary of slang and audience participation is encouraged and one can submit definitions. A lot of the definitions are internet acronyms and some are rather crude to which I say: yawwwwwwnnnnnn but some are quite creative and funny and some are right on the mark.

Here are a few I particularly liked:

bush: one who uses patriotism and immense propaganda to gain support for illegal, unjustified, brutal acts upon oppressed people for own gains. whether it be oil or money.

'Nough said!

choreplay: When a woman is turned on by the sight of her husband/boyfriend/partner doing regular household chores, that she would normally be doing.

I don't know if that would be a turn-on or a shock.

refrigerator blindness: Selective loss of visual acuity in association with common foraging of the refrigerator. Predominantly seen in children and males.

As in, "Honey? Where's the orange juice?" Having spent several decades married and raising kids, I know this condition exists.

rock star parking: The rare occurrence of obtaining a parking space directly outside the door of a bar, club, or restaurant.

Oh heck! I get that any time I want . . . wait a minute -- that's handicapped parking! Sigh.

And I absolutely love this last phrase!

electile dysfunction: The inability to become aroused over any of the choices for President put forth by either party during an election year.

The above describes how I've felt since I was old enough to vote. Sigh.

Hope you enjoyed my findings. And I'll be back tomorrow -- hopefully-- with some quotes from a writer I love!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. These are great! I love the "electile dysfunction!"

  2. With husbands and children it is usually more than refrigerator blindness. I believe they say "Where is the......?" before they have even started looking.

  3. "refrigerator blindness: Selective loss of visual acuity in association with common foraging of the refrigerator. Predominantly seen in children and males."

    Oh Lord, YES!! And it applies to kitchen cupboards, freshly washed and folded laundry, and just about everything else --- why is it they can't look behind the front row of anything????? (I have found this to be a predominately male issue, as my daughter rather quickly moved through the phase)


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