Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy and a Little Bit Sad

Heartfelt thanks to all y'all who came by to help celebrate my blogoversary!!!!!!! Your kindness and encouragement are what keep me writing!!!! I appreciate you greatly and you do my heart good. Now if y'all could get me busy on finishing the Great American Novel . . . LOL! I had a busy day -- an appointment and truly boring, long meeting so I really didn't celebrate much even though I didn't work today. What I really wanted to do was spend it wandering around visiting y'all. I guess I'll be saving that excursion that for Friday 'cause it's back to the salt mine today.

On the downside, Joared of Along the Way and I have been commiserating over our Buckeyes' loss in the BCS via email. Yes, we're disappointed but since this was supposed to be a rebuilding year after losing so many seniors last year, I think making the national championship was an awesome accomplishment for these young players. I was really excited because the young man who made the last TD for the Buckeyes, Brian Hartline, is from here and a graduate of the high school my kids and I attended. I think they'll be a force to be reckoned with next year. I was also delighted to see Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr. (now playing in the pros) from last year's team on the sidelines to support their former team mates.

I congratulate the LSU Tigers for a great game. My annoyance was with the media, All week long and all through the game, all we read and heard was how our Buckeye's couldn't win. Why don't they shut up and let the kids play? I'm not even gonna whine about the refs but I could. Unlike the idiot who burned his Buckeye gear and videotaped it for YouTube (which I will not link here because that would dignify a heinous act), I am, ever and always, a Buckeye fan -- win, lose or draw and that, my friends, is a true fan. There's always next year.

Thanks again, my friends, Goooo Buckeyes and Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Don't you hate when work takes you away from what you really want to do? POOP! Sorry about your Buckeyes Kay....maybe next year. I guess the colder weather is coming back...gosh, it was Nirvana having a couple of those 60's kind of days. I hear we may get some snow too....POOP again! Stay well sweetie...hope you get a chance to relax and cruise around the blogosphere for a while....Hugs...

  2. Well, I must have had a senior moment, because I posted that you and joared were from IOWA! LOL! I did see the game, though, it was a heart breaker. UT has a young team, and personally, I believe the program is a little over-hyped, so they didn't get far this year. Vince Young seems to be doing well with the Titans, though.


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