Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random Thoughts during the First Blizzard

Our first blizzard of the season blew through NE Ohio this afternoon from Texas -- a tip of my Santa hat in thanks to Cowtown Pattie, the Kokopelli Woman, et al for sending on about 3-4 inches of the white stuff. LOL! Dear Isaac shoveled my walks and salted my sidewalks and promised that tomorrow he would do it again as more snow and ice is predicted AND go get my Sunday paper for me. What a kid! I am truly blessed to have such great neighbors. I think I'm going to do something for him and his family for Christmas -- maybe a gift card for groceries because I know they have a really hard time.

* Below is text from Blogger Dashboard -- you can read the whole thing by clicking on the link. I think it means that Blogger decided that we were unhappy with their policies (kudos and a tip of my Thinking Cap to all who hollered at them!) re: comments and insists that they weren't trying to force the world into a Google account. Please correct me if I'm wrong. It looks a tad complex but workable.

The latest from Blogger Buzz
OpenID Commenting
December 13, 2007 —
After just two short weeks of testing on
Blogger in draft, OpenID commenting is now available for all Blogger blogs. This
means that your friends and readers can leave authenticated comments on your blog using their blog URLs from
OpenID-enabled services such as, LiveJournal, and AOL Journals, or with their AOL/AIM accounts

* From my It-Couldn't-Happen-to-a-Nicer-Guy Department: Thanks to all of y'all who supported yesterday's rant re: Mark Zuckerberg's ageist statement with such great comments. There is an article today on ABC News' website re: Zuckerberg's latest lawsuit. I think y'all will get a chuckle from reading both the article and the comments. I certainly did. There is a modicum of justice in this big bad world.

* From my Blast-from-the-Past Department: I heard from an old friend here in town via email today. He and his wife were wondering about me and want to get together soon. I lost touch with them during the time I was seeing The Man as I bowed to his jealousy and distanced myself from some good people. The good news is I'm slowly working my way back to a semblance of a social life. I don't mind being a hermit but I'm more gregarious than solitary and need to get out and about a little. Friday night I went out with friends for a drink and a snack after I ran into them at our local theater group's excellent annual production of "A Christmas Carol" and I got a lecture on avoiding controllers.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. ICK...snow. Better you than me. I am glad to know you are getting out more and seeing old friends.

  2. Hey - didn't come from Cowtown - we didn't get any of the snow, just wind, cold and lots of weird, King-esque fog.

    Tis the season!

  3. Brrrrr...Kay, you can thank the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean, to some extent for your white precip. We got the cold and wind. The cold air sluicing straight down the Great Plains hit the warmer Gulf mass, and sheared East. I'm heading back there for the holidays, and am keeping a close eyeball out--don't want snow and ice to mess with my plans to see my daughter, for sure. Taking along extra paperbacks for the flights...

    Glad you have someone to help you with the mess--I remember how difficult it is to deal with. Stay warm!!

    Pattie, we got the eerie fog as well--King-esque, indeed!


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