Friday, November 16, 2007

Random Thoughts for a Wintry Weekend

Winter has come to Ohio. Yuck! I got ready to head to the clinic for my doctor's appointment and when I opened my front door I looked out and my poor Ruby Begonia was covered with snow! Fortunately, I had bought a snow brush/scraper thingy and cleaned her off while letting her warm up. Bless her -- she fired right up in thanks for getting rid of the white stuff. All sorts of things have been wandering through my mind this week and I decided to share a few of them.

* Getting organized isn't easy. I go to organize something and keep finding things within whatever I'm organizing that need to be organized. Please don't tell me it's an endless struggle. I'm already depressed that it's going so slowly. That I'm not feeling well again, isn't helping.

* One of my neighbors asked me if the furniture trucks were done coming. I took the hint and invited her in to check it all out. Aren't I good with nosy neighbors? Speaking of that, I'd taken some pictures to share with y'all and after looking at them, decided that I had to replace the mini-blinds -- they looked pretty tatty in the photos -- and I need to do a few more things for picture perfect to occur. Please stand by.

* I had a note from my dear friend, Naomi Hagen Bloom who many of you know and love as A Little Red Hen. She liked a comment I made about HR 1955: The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act which has the Kay fightin' mad! Naomi sent her encouragement to blog about it. It has weighed heavily on my mind so I probably will as soon as I've crystallized my thoughts on it. Click on the link I've put here and if you're not upset by it, I think you might be visiting the wrong blog. In the meantime, Naomi and I are exchanging our thoughts on this in email.

* I'm taking a about ten days off after Thanksgiving. I need a rest. I'll probably take a couple days and go wandering aimlessly in my little red car -- weather permitting, of course. The rest will be spent just chilling out and getting things in order here. I think I may do some more serious travelling come Spring. Hopefully, the time off will be both fun and productive.

* Today was doctor day as I mentioned earlier. I thought it was just a check up with Dr. Rama but nooooooo it was endocrinologist day. He seems to think the nodules on my thyroid are getting worse. I've been a good girl and taking my medicine every morning -- I keep my meds in the little basket on my desk so as not to forget them -- but in spite of my best efforts, the little buggers are growing. I have to go and get more blood work. I guess the A- vampire is thirsty again. And if things don't look better after the first of the year, the Kay is going to be going for radioactive iodine treatments. If any of y'all know anything about this stuff, please feel free to share it with me. My email addy is in the sidebar. I think this time afterward I'm going to go out to the airport and watch the security stuff go nuts! Yeah, I admit to a perverse streak. LOL

* Tomorrow afternoon I will be planted firmly in front of the television with the phone turned off because my (&
Joared's) beloved Ohio State Buckeyes will be in Ann Arbor to vanquish the much-hated University of Michigan's Wolverines. I'm taking responsiblity for OSU's sad loss to the Illini last weekend. I forgot to check game time and missed it. I'm one hell of an armchair quarterback and they need me! LOL

I have a full schedule this next week so I may not be around much. Know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers and be sure not to miss the Groaner of the Week on Monday -- it has a nice holiday flavor -- pun definitely intended.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Sure hope you get your health issues squared away. Hope the least objectionable treatment to you is the only one you ultimately need, but do whatever it takes.

    If it comes to that, I like your idea of creating a little excitement for airport security. Think of it as a public service exercise for the guards. All holiday fliers will thank you.

    Definitely think that time off after Thanksgiving sounds like a good plan, Go for it!

    I regret to inform you that regarding "organization," your worst case perception as you described it here, is reality. So live with it!

    I thought I heard there was snow in Ohio, and Michigan, too. Concentrate on the beauty of the white stuff and ignore the grimy slush that will appear when it starts to melt. What's really important is, was the composition of the snow compatible with making snowballs, or was it just that pretty white fluffy stuff?

    I knew you must be a nice person to take such good care reviving Rosy Begonia. What was she doing outside in the cold in the first place?

    That OSU-MI game will fill our airwaves beginning at 9a.m. out here. You know I can't say I hate MI, 'cause an alumni is a close family member. What's that old saying? "You can take the girl out of the Buckeye State, but you can't take the buckeye out of her heart. "
    (Apologies to whoever.)

  2. Have a good vacation from the blog, Kay.

  3. Judy: It's a vacation from work! I'm hoping to get some good blogging time in as well as some travel around Ohio!!!!

    Jo: Yes, the sap of the buckeye trees flows through our veins and we bleed Scarlet & Gray

    Ruby Begonia is my little red car named after an old Flip Wilson routine. I don't have a garage for her to sleep in.

    I'm just glad I'm going to be able to deal with my health issues. I think I prefer the radio active stuff to surgery.

    Not enough for snowballs -- about an inch. Gotta go get a snow shovel & pray no one swipes it this year. Isaac next door has already said he's gonna take care of my sidewalks. AND he wants to take charge of bathing Ruby when Spring comes. What a great kid!

    Yes, I am blessed!

  4. thank you very much for mentioning me and LRH in connection with H.R. 1955. though you're the one deserves the credit. yes, it's too scary. very glad that ronni at moved us all along.

    now go chill out in whatever way it works for you. personally, i only organize in small spurts.

    yours, naomi


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