Sunday, November 25, 2007

Random Thoughts after Thanksgiving

Just a few post-Turkey Thoughts I thought I'd share.

* I had a very nice Thanksgiving. I passed on a couple invitations from friends to share their family feast because I'm not totally comfortable with it. Instead I went and volunteered at my parish at the dinner we put on for the needy -- it's really my favorite way to spend Thanksgiving and give thanks. We sponsor a soup kitchen year round called The Samaritan's Table and I've been told that we serve the best free lunch in town. The Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts we sponsor are wonderful -- turkey and all the trimmings -- and we serve our guests instead of making them stand in line. I like that -- these people are not often treated with dignity. We also deliver meals to the shut-ins of our parish. But I think the nicest part is the many people who come and volunteer. We usually have so many we're almost falling over each other so everything gets done with efficiency from preparation to clean up. I've been doing this almost every year for about nine years and I really enjoy it. For me, the best way to give thanks for one's blessings is to help others who are less fortunate.

* My former neighbor, good buddy and decorator, Richard, came by Friday and surprised me with a lovely brass lamp and some gorgeous Christmas decorations. He congratulated me on my new furniture and raved over my choices so I know I did well! When I met him about 10 years ago, I saw his apartment and decided I wouldn't do anything to mine without consulting him. I also recruited him to help me hang a mirror and some pictures. He's the only guy I know who actually isn't squeamish about putting holes in a wall. What a friend!

* I never thought I'd be cheering on the Arkansas Razorbacks but I was hollering for them big time in their Friday game against #1 ranked LSU. It worked 'cause the Hogs won in triple overtime and dashed LSU's chance of a national championship leaving the door open for my beloved Buckeyes to play in the BCS! Y'all knew there had to be method to my madness, didn't ya? We aren't in yet but it looks like it will come down to Ohio State or our neighbors to the Southeast in West-by-God Virginia and the standings will come out tonight. I really don't care if they play in the BCS, or the Rose Bowl, I'm just glad that that they beat the Wolverines and will be in a bowl game. Yeah, beating Michigan is the key and yeah, its nuts but so are buckeyes. LOL

* I discovered a really neat site that y'all might find useful. I found it in a state of total frustration when I was trying mightily to reach someone I could talk to at Dell Customer Support. It's a page at a site called and I found it by googling "How do I talk to a real person?" and it led me to this page: Bypass IVRS - Talk to a real person - cheatsheet. I followed their advice and voila! I had a real person to whom I could explain my problem. If you're like me you get tired of pressing one for yada-yada-yada and not getting what you need and this is a godsend because it tells how to bypass the answering systems for everything from AARP Pharmacy Services to Zone Labs. Another site that does the same is the GetHuman 500 Database which has even more numbers. You don't have to play silly-assed games with machines anymore. To me, that's a real blessing!!! Enjoy!!!!

* When I bought my car my friends predicted that I would be running all over the place. I said no way. I was right. I looked at the gas gauge when I got home from mass this morning and it was sitting at just a hair over a half tank. The last time I filled it was over two weeks ago. I go where I need to go and that's about it. As I said a while back, I'm not into making Bush's oil baron buddies richer. I try to do all my errands at once and make a circular route so I'm not wasting gas. I bank and shop online a lot which also is a saving.

* I want to thank y'all for your continued support of The Groaner of the Week and The Friday Groaner. I'm delighted that you're enjoying both features. However, some new submissions to The Friday Groaner would be welcome because the queue is getting short again and y'all can't let Nancy and Kent do all the work!!!!

* I'm slowly but surely getting back to visiting y'all but it's a slow process because it takes time to catch up and see what y'all have been doing. Never fear I will be around sooner or later!

Hope y'all are recovered from Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You kept the spirit of Thanksgiving, Kay. I love that you serve the people!

  2. Here is a blogger called Kay,
    Who groans in a regular way,
    She wants a new pun,
    But when I get done,
    She'll be groaning the rest of the day!

  3. Sounds like your Thanksgiving gave many people much for which to be thankful as well as yourself.

    We'll see what Bowl game the Bucs go to. I'm prejudiced, but I still think the Rose Bowl is the greatest.
    How about OSU vs UCLA or USC???

    Many thanks for the "talk to a real person" links.

    We're paying $3.28 per gal. gas in our area of So. Cal. Further south toward San Diego it's even more.


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