Friday, October 19, 2007

The Saga of the Kay Continues

I'm still buried with the "joys" of re-decorating, re-organizing and re-inventing my so-called life. I've set a deadline of the the 5th of November because I have no choice but to be organized on said date. I've postponed any thought of vacation until spring -- I simply haven't time to go away. Sigh. I haven't time for anything or so it seems.

* All of my new furniture hasn't arrived yet. The store I bought it from thanked me by giving me back the delivery charges -- not a bad thing because I'm not quite ready for it yet anyway.

* A tip of my best chapeau to Winston for reminding me about the flash drive thing for transferring files. I'd forgotten I already had one and went and picked up another which should really help a lot! Now if I can just find the
CDs for all my programs. Hint: NEVER let anyone but yourself pack up such items. AND that goes for the remote controls audio-visual equipment, too! The stereo's remote is MIA and I can't get it programmed right without it. Grrrrrr LOL

* My new nickname is "Bobette he Builder" as I keep putting stuff together. Some of this so -called "easy assembly" stuff is a you-know-what but I started putting together a file cabinet this afternoon and I'm not quite done yet!

* My sporty little red car, Ruby Begonia, made her first trip to the car doctor last week. It started making a funny noise so I popped over to the excellent mechanic a few blocks away and he listened to it and told me what was wrong -- the belt on the water pump was loose -- and he fixed it the next day and eighty-two bucks later. The good news is we made our first trek for a fill-up -- three weeks on a tank of gas isn't bad! I figure I'm getting 30 miles per gallon -- and I don't do much freeway driving. (Her name is from an old Flip Wilson routine.)

* Isaac, my favorite kid and snow removal ace, was over to check out my wheels and volunteered to give her a bath for me. He commented that he was glad his aunt and her boyfriend had been evicted from upstairs. It seems she tried to tell him I was lying about the noise and he told her that he could hear it next door at their house!

* That conversation set a light bulb off over my head and I realized the damage those slobs did to me. Sleep deprivation is sheer torture. Months of it takes its toll. Since they moved I'm getting back into a semi-decent routine and feeling much better and have better energy. I also realized that it
prolly was a contributing factor in my breakup with The Man. On the other hand, if he can't hang with me through the tough times, he isn't worth my time.

* I helped with our neighborhood's participation in the mayor's BAN program this past week. BAN stands for Beautify A Neighborhood. We volunteer our time and go out with trash bags to clean up litter and the mayor sends a squad of city workers and equipment to clean streets, trim trees, etc. Serious offenders are noted and reported to code enforcement. It's a great program. We provided lunch for everyone and it really was rather fun.

* Tomorrow night I'm taking a night out for the Kay. Our excellent local ballet company is doing "Les
Sylphides" and I'm going to get all gussied up and go. It's a favorite of mine and I'm looking forward to it. I'm trying to get a life again.

* The "to-do" list is growing shorter but there's still a lot to be done. I hope to have the new computer up and running in a few days. Learning it will be yet another adventure -- and another blog probably! My email and my blog are languishing and I feel awful about that. Know that I miss you folks and I'll be back soon. The upside is that I'm getting organized and if I can keep things that way, I'll have more time for other things I enjoy -- like hanging out with y'all and writing a lot.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Tired but Happy Kay


  1. I have missed your visits, Kay, so I'll be glad when you get back to regular life! (Whatever that is).

    It's good to know you are sleeping better!

  2. Nancy9:24 AM

    Hi Kay,

    Just hang in there and you will see that every day things get better.

    Happy that the noisy neighbors are gone from your life. What a relief!

    Good luck with the new computer.

  3. It sounds like you're doing great Kay...craziness aside. I've been going through some repair/redecorating stuff this week myself. I guess we need to endure it all to appreciate getting back to being a 'computer potato.' I was so tired and sore from cleaning, organizing and moving things on Wednesday and Thursday that I fell into bed in some comatose state....but not before laying on my computer desk in a last ditch effort to 'check things out.' Geesh, I guess that's called addiction.

    Hope your new computer is 'the bee's knees.' Take care....and pace yourself sweetie...HUH!

  4. Yes, I remember Ruby Begonia and Flip Wilson. You bet I'm old! I'm missing your visits but glad you keep the groaners coming. Wishing you relief and relaxation soon!

  5. Thanks, gals! It's all part of the adventure I call life!

  6. Kay, it sounds as though your life is settling down and coming together. Do take pics when you get your room organized. I did a little cleaning and reorganizing, too, but quit before I executed my planned project -- it was just too daunting!

  7. I like all your thoughts. Good the neighbors are gone. That is very true what sleep deprivation can do to your outlook.
    Hang in there.


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