Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oh No!!!!!!!! Not Another Quick Note!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate this! My normal level of disorganization is askew to say the least! I'm awaiting the furniture store to deliver my new computer desk and to complement it and there are 3 big boxes from Dell sitting in my living room shouting "OPEN ME!". This is a miracle after the hassles I went through with the delivery people -- needless to say I was in full tilt boogie Cranky Old Broad mode. And this is all lovely but there are one hundred and one things I must do first -- like locate all the disks and CDs I need to get the contents of the Dell boxes up and running.

I've learned something important: If someone is helping you stash stuff, be careful what you let them help you stash. God bless Emily-- she's been a wonderful help but I'm at a loss as to where to look first. Sigh.

Enough whining! The point of this post is that I'm going to be changing computers and I'm shooting for being up and running by Sunday at midnight so I can post the Monday Groaner. If it doesn't appear, assume that I've been on the phone for countless hours with the help people at Dell and the air in my apartment is a loverly shade of blue!

If all goes well there will be a photo of my work station posted at Where Elders Blog, the new feature at Time Goes By. Take a good look -- it will be the neatest you'll ever see my desk!

Hope to see y'all on Monday!!!!!!!!!! In the meantime -- pray!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Kay,
    You're probably the first on Where Elders Blog to get a NEW desk and a NEW computer.
    Looking forward to your photo!

  2. Good luck, Kay! Putting up a new computer always scares the pants off me, so I hope you get along well.

  3. I'm starting to shake just thinking about the mental turmoil you have ahead. Bless you and Dell:-)

  4. DELL! Help! I wish you all the best with this Kay....I had such a time trying to understand the people in India...And I have been waiting a month for a Lap Top that has now been delayed, once again...OY! (lol)


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