Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Adventure Continues . . .

It's another day in Paradise. For some reason I'm not sleeping again. Fighting with Dell on Monday for about four 4 hours didn't help. That I haven't felt well doesn't help. It's like the world keeps slowing me down. I finally called the doc today and they couldn't work me in but sent me to the after hours clinic which is infinitely better than the ER. I had hacked up my leg doing that dreadful chore we women deal with now and again. It wasn't healing and kept getting sorer and the area around the cut kept getting redder and really hurt! When it started spreading into streaks and I was having dizzy spells, I decided that I should call. The doctor said I should have come in sooner. I am now on two antibiotics and taking today off from work. It's prolly better I don't run up and down those stairs all day at work.

* The computer is more or less up and running. I have to get all my programs installed and the files transferred. I've been so frustrated with Dell and all the crap they put on this thing, I could scream. I emailed them a Top Ten List of the reasons I should pack this and the printer (4 hours last night -- mostly on hold or getting disconnected -- with their tech support and it still doesn't work!) and my favorite entry on it was: I've been using computers for nigh on 20 years and I think I know what I need and want -- I don't need a nanny questioning me every time I make a move. Vista doesn't impress me either. Then again, I really didn't like XP when I first got it either. I hope I figure out how to circumvent/uninstall all the junk eventually. Until then, please bear with my kvetching.

* I plan to post a picture of my workspace for TGB's Where Elders Blog as soon as I get my photo stuff installed. I'm also think I'm going to take photos of my dining room set which everyone who's been by has pronounced perfect. I still have some pictures to hang and a lot of organizing to do but I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the distance. I'm tired and I want to be done with all this.

* I bought myself early Christmas gifts that will last a while -- season tickets to both the our excellent symphony orchestra and the ballet. This Sunday they're doing The New World Symphony -- one of my favorites -- and I'm really excited about it.

* I want to attempt a trip up north to see my Uncle Joe before the snow flies -- he's been my favorite uncle since I was a baby and his middle daughter, Michelle and I get on like a house on fire -- she and I were the ornery ones in our youth. Aunt Ingrid is an absolute doll. I'm hoping to get copies made of some of the family pictures that my mom threw out after my parents divorced.

* How 'bout my Ohio State Buckeyes? I hadn't great hopes for this year because we lost a lot of excellent players to graduation and the NFL draft but they're doing great! Maybe we'll even -- dare I say it? -- beat that team up north again! Joared and I will be cheering a lot!

Well, I'd better get to bed so perhaps I can get something done tomorrow. Hope y'all have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. A couple of comments:

    1. Never call Tech Support anywhere. They don't know and don't have a clue. Don't waste your time trying to talk to someone with a New Delhi accent about something that neither of you know anything about.

    2. Never get mad at Tech Support. It's not their fault.

    3. Always get mad at Microsoft and Billy Gates. Everything IS their fault.

    Glad you have it up and running. Yell if I can offer any further bad advice. Hey, at least you're not paying for it!

  2. Well Kay, It is good to read your post and see what is going on in your life. I have been busy preparing for and marrying my baby off. I sewed the dress for the bride. There are two receptions, one in her town and one in mine, this Saturday and next. Then I think I can post pictures and take a deep breath and breathe out a sigh. But not for long, as Christmas looms around the corner and if I don't get busy, I won't have the quilt made for my son. We draw names, and I haven't finished D1's quilt from last year, now I have D3's quilt as well. I did this last year, and D3 got hers, but D1 got a promise. It is turning out the same way again. . .
    anyway it is good to read about your latest adventures. Good luck on the computer.

  3. Nancy4:22 PM


    You like groaners. How about this one? A guy was applying to Dell for a job as a tech rep in the New Delhi call center.

    They asked how his English was and he said,"Perfect." So, they said, "You have to use these three words in a sentence to test your English." " Use the words green, pink and yellow in a sentence."

    He said,"Easy. The phone goes green,green,green. I pink it up and say Yellow."

    That's who you are dealing with, Kay. Good luck.......

  4. Sounds like quite a cut. Hope it feels better tomorrow.

  5. Argh!!!!! I'm groaning from both the pain and Winston and Nancy's comments.

    It really didn't seem that bad a cut. It did, however, get infected somehow and was getting nasty so I finally saw the doc. I have to go back next week, too. So far, I can't tell if the meds are working. It still hurts and I still feel dizzy.

  6. millie garfield4:21 PM

    That was the funniest groaner!! I'm going to past that one along.

    About your bad cut - remember when Ronni and Claude posted about what they have given up since, "getting old."

    Neither one of them said, "shaving legs" but that's one that you will be happy to give up when you "get old."

    I haven't shaved for the longest time now. ;-)

  7. In the future, will you please go to the doc more quickly? You shouldn't wait until you have red streaks!!

    I had read that Vista has a lot of problems, and was advised not to buy a computer with it untilthey had worked out all the bugs. Hope you get satisfaction soon.

  8. Well, it's a good thing I stopped by here, as I wondered when you'd give those Buckeyes some recognition. Who'da thot they'd be so strong this year. Maybe they're going to try and make it up to my husband for blowing that bowl game -- especially after I went out on a limb and made that prediction on his behalf that fell flat.


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