Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's Gonna be Monday Allllll Week long!!!!!

I am not always as good as I should be about checking my schedule. I finally got around to that this morning and my plans for a nice, relaxing day off went right down the drain. So did a lot of blogging stuff I needed to address -- yikes! I had a leadership council meeting last (Monday) evening but, even worse, I'm scheduled to do battle with bureaucracy today and spent half the day gathering paperwork -- always an adventure. Tomorrow is neighborhood association and I'm back to work as well so Wednesday will be a very longggggggg day. Thursday I have a committee meeting after work and Friday is work AND the endocrinologist -- I can't wait to hear the state of my thyroid. By Saturday, all I'll do is sleep if the idiots upstairs can be quiet for more than 2-3 hours. Argh!!!!!!! I thought they were getting evicted but I guess it can take a while. Oh well . . . and now the news . . .

* My dear friend Tamar of Mining Nuggets is in the hospital for a few days. Thanks to Frank Paynter of Listics for getting the word out to those of us who love her out in the Blogosphere. She had her husband email Frank and said she really misses all of us out here and swore she'd return ASAP. Pray she is back with us soon.

* This is late but please join me in prayers and good thoughts for Mr. kenju -- the husband of kenju of Imagine What I'm Leaving Out and Just ask Judy -- as he recovers from a stroke. According to Judy, he's showing signs of improvement but it will be a long haul for both of them and their family.

* I did come up with another project I want to do here -- a light bulb went off in my poor, demented brain after a sweet note I received from Naomi Hagen Bloom of A Little Red Hen and I will tell you all about it soon. Many sincere thanks to this fine lady for jump-starting my brain!

Well, my meeting with bureaucracy is early and it's past my bedtime. I hope that and my errands go smoothly and quickly and there's time to come visit y'all. I do apologize for not making my rounds. I really do need to get better organized! It doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you! Y'all are always with me!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. I find it comforting to see the wellspring of thoughts and wishes for virtual blogging friends who we really don't know. Having "known" a couple that died, a few others with serious injuries or illnesses, I will attest that my feelings for them are on a par with friends I come in contact with regularly in the "real" world.

    The demarcation lines between real and virtual continue to blur...

  2. Good news I have this morning is that our friend is home from the hospital!

  3. Winston: I've been online long enough that I have many like that around the world and I feel the same as you do.

    Frank: Thanks! I am so glad to hear that! Let's hope she does some R&R -- oops! Forget I said that. You can't keep a good woman down -- mostly because we won't stay there! lol

  4. Kay...your link to A LITTLE RED HEN goes to Hudy's IMAGINE....you might wanbt to correct that...
    GOOD LUCK on all that you need to do....I hot tired just thinking about it...lol!

  5. Glad to hear she's doing well. I finally got you up on my sidebar. Have a good week!

  6. Sounds like you've been super busy also, Kay.
    Try to slow down and take some much-needed time for you!

  7. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Thanks to all of you for your kind wishes and thoughts. Am home and on the mend.


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