Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Kay Is Proud of Herself!!!!!!!

It's been a very difficult few weeks -- and I'm sparing a good portion of the gory details -- so what do I decide to do? I decide that because I've been frugal and have a couple extra bucks that I deserve more memory in my computer and that the Technical Moron, namely me, is going to install it. Sounds like a scenario from hell, huh?

Well, I called the ex and asked questions about what I needed for RAM, etc. since he built it for me, at our son's request, out of pieces parts the latter no longer needed. Good stuff since I wound up with a newer, faster computer last summer and WindowsXP to boot.

I'm a lot better with software than I used to be but installing stuff inside the case intimidates me but the ex explained in fairly simple terms how to put in new memory and I thought that perhaps I really could do it. He also promised he would help if I needed it. Silly me for believing that.

At lunch time today, I toddled down to my computer guy and told him what I needed and he said, "No problem!" and assured me that if it didn't work, I could bring it back. So I handed over my debit card for a 256 stick of RAM. He told me to remember Rule #1 and I promised I would.

I came home from work and logged on to check my mail before attempting this somewhat daunting task. (I know you guys are probably rolling on the floor at my calling that but I-- and a lot of other gals, didn't take engineering or even shop.) I shut down my computer and performed Rule #1: UNPLUG THE POWER SUPPLY, Then I pulled out my trusty Phillips screwdriver and took the cover off the case.

I got out my shiny new stick of memory and started looking high and low for something that looked just like it to no avail! Finally, I decided to look under the tangle of wires and ribbon thingys and voila! there was a stick of memory clipped in and a slot for more memory right next to it. Easy, you say? Au contraire, mon ami! One must seat the memory just so and then one must get these cute little white clips snapped into the properly seated memory's notches at either end. Seating wasn't difficult -- I didn't throw great dinner parties for nothin' lol -- but getting the clips in place was tricky. Finishing touches always are. The first, easily accessible clip just popped right in but the clip at the other end was, of course, in a very tight spot and she-of -not-so-nimble-fingers couldn't get the damned thing to snap in place no matter how much I cursed it. (Blush! Yeah, I forgot I'm a lady. Sigh.) I finally walked away and decided to let it rest a bit.

I watched a little TV and went back and tried again and turned the air a lovely shade of blue. Called the ex who had assured me that he would be available to help and he wasn't. Soooo I decided I HAD to get serious about this and get the job done so I could whine here. lol

And guess what? My fumbling fingers finally got it right!!! That obstinate little white clip snapped right in place. After shouting, "Amen and Hallelujah!", I put the cover back on my 'puter and fired it up and here I am with 512 RAM. I know others have it in the thousands but this is what I need for what I do and I am smiling because I accomplished something I didn't think I could do. I think a short visit with good old Samuel Adams is in order.

And I learned something new today and a cornerstone of my philosophy is that: Any day I learn something new, it's a good day. And lately, good days have been hard to come by.

Happy Blogging



  1. Excellent work! Especially the seating.

  2. You go, Girl! You're my hero!

  3. Good on ya, girl!

    I quite agree that learning something new is the key!!

  4. Awwwwwwww shucks, AQ!

    And thanks gals!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow! I am so impressed. That sort of stuff daunts me, and I just stand back and let the computer whiz take over and do the dirty work.
    I am SO PROUD of you. Doncha just feel so happy when you accomplish something new?

  6. Mega congrats to you!
    I am NOT computer savvy....I somehow also missed those Shop classes in high school. (Thought typing would be more beneficial)
    So I can really appreciate your story here. Whenever I DO manage to do something computer related, you can bet I pat myself on the
    So sending you lots of pats and enjoy Sam.

  7. It's amazing how things that intimidate us are usually not too bad once you commit yourself. Sure there are frustrations -- but victory is sweet.

  8. Well done! Back in the day, I had to do this task and doing it involved a terrifying thing called "clipping the resistor." That's right, I has to cut a wire. And I did. And I put everything together and turned on the machine -- nothing. Panic indeed.

    Took it all back apart and realized that the RAM chip was in backwards. Turned it around, reassembled, turned on computer. Yeah! all well.

    One of the great reliefs of my life.



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