Tuesday, July 03, 2007

CNN Comes to the Thinking Cap!

Yesterday morning I went and looked at my blog as is my custom and then I looked at my blog counter which is not my custom. The number of visitors seemed awfully high -- the Kay has a small but loyal readership that's grown slowly and I'm okay with that. I don't blog for glory -- I just like to write and enjoy the friends who are so very loyal.

The seemingly overnight growth made me curious so I navigated my way to Blogpatrol to take a gander at my stats and I was in for a shock to discover that there were hundreds of hits on my site! I checked the last twenty-five visitors stats and noted that several visitors had linked via CNN.com so I clicked on the link and lo and behold! there was my blog entry about Jessie's funeral listed under their story about it along with a couple other blogs. I started laughing a lot. I kept asking myself. "Why my blog?" but I confess I was sort of flattered that someone at CNN thought it worthy of note. Somehow I don't think of my "thinking out loud" as meriting attention by the national media. Gotta do something about my self-confidence.

Later when I checked my messages and found a couple posts to moderate for my blog and saw the down side of notoriety. One was from the ubiquitous Anonymous and was not allowed to appear here and I dispensed with it post haste. It was from a vile, hate-ridden, racist moron who didn't have the guts to give his name and to borrow AQ's words re: such postings, I wouldn't allow such filth in my living room, why should I allow it here in my home on the net? I shouldn't and I won't.

That episode brings me to something that occurred here in our city last week. It seems an unidentified white supremacist group, distributed fliers around town that warn white women that dating black men could cost them their lives. "Really?" you ask, gentle bloggers. Yeah, really. My thoughts at this are unprintable. Our city has a pretty good record on race relations and we don't tolerate troublemakers well or gladly.

We accomplished integration quietly here years ago. Our black ministers actually told Al Sharpton to go home a few years ago when the question of racial profiling arose here. They told him that they had a good relationship with government here and they didn't need his help. That these white supremacists are attempting to create a rift in our population disgusts all of us here. Patty Porter, Jessie Davis' mother, asked that race not be an issue in her daughter's death. It demonstrates what a good and true Christian she is. It also demonstrates how low the scum that distributes such trash can sink.

I also don't think their sick agenda is working. I was at a meeting this morning of women I know and work with and there were a few comments regarding the Davis murder. We are a diverse group of all races and creeds and it was generally agreed that the whole thing is a tragedy for everyone involved and our community at large and we are all saddened by it. I think (or is that hope?) that in the long run, if the sickos continue their heinous campaign, it will galvanize our community against them. We are like that here.

The media were back in force yesterday as Bobby Cutts and his alleged accomplice, Myisha Ferrell went before the judge and waived their preliminary hearings. Both remain in jail. Ferrell's attorney's requested a reduction in her $500,ooo bail on grounds that she needs to care for her 9-year-old daughter. Our city prosecutor argued against it due to what he called her aiding Cutts in burying Jessie and her lies to investigators. The case now goes to the Grand Jury. The Sheriff's Department is still wisely keeping an extremely tight lid on information regarding Jessie Davis' death so little new information came out at the hearing.

Patty Porter and Audrey and Whitney Davis, Jessie's mother and sisters, attended the hearing and Ms. Porter spoke to the media afterwards. She thanked everyone who sent cards and letters. She also stated that she wants a fair trial for Cutts and Ferrell and doesn't want the case tried in the media. She is not only a gracious lady but also one who wants justice served.

I was surprised to learn that Myisha Ferrell was a mother and that bothers me. I had initially asked how a woman could assist in the burial of a pregnant woman. Now I'm asking how a mother could could assist in such a terrible deed. It makes me wonder about her mental state or what kind of hold Bobby Cutts has on her. Just my take.

I saw my neighbor the Sheriff's deputy yesterday when I stopped to talk to his really great Irish Setter who thinks he's Clifford, The Big Red Dog and he came out to say hello. I asked him if he'd gotten caught up on his sleep yet. He laughed a little and said he was trying. He didn't have too much to say except that they're still really busy with this case. He's a quiet sort at the best of times anyway. I told him that I really respected the great job they've done. He thanked me and said, "It's not over yet."

Sadly, he is so very right. The Davis family and our community will be dealing with this for a long time. May a loving God keep us strong and help us find peace and may He silence those who would try to divide us.


  1. It just goes to show that you neer know where your writings will show up!

  2. What a shame that the ugly racial card has reared it's head again. The focus should be on the tradgedy and sadness of it all. Jesse's mom sounds like a very enlightened woman. All of it was such a shame and SO unnecessary.

  3. That was amazing to trip across the fact that your blog was mentioned on CNN. This is such a horrible case and it does sound like the mom of the murdered woman is a very forgiving and gracious woman. I've often wondered if supposedly mild-mannered me would be so mild-mannered if one of my kids had been murdered.

    Your meme answers were very enlightening. I like you!


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