Saturday, July 21, 2007

Coming to a Store Near You?

I like to read about what's going on across the pond. It's fun to see what they're thinking about over there now and again and often gives me a different perspective of the world. My favorite is the Daily Mail. Recently, it had an article that caught my attention about the sizing of women's clothing. (Don't leave, guys -- you might like this and learn something, too!)

It seems the European Union is going to standardize the sizing of women's clothing. They say the sizes vary too much from retailer to retailer. Duh? How long has this been going on? Probably since the day ready-to-wear was invented. The sizing will be based on exact measurements--no more 6, 10 or 12. They say it will mean we girls will be to go into a shop--any shop--and find and try on a frock that fits without sending out for a larger or smaller size. One could even go so far as to shop like men do -- enter store, grab items in our size, pay and leave! Shopping time cut to ribbons!

They discovered a variance of up to about 1.5 inches in the bust and hip sizes in women's dresses. This comes as no surprise to us gals -- we've been fighting this battle for decades with husbands and boyfriends fuming at us while we try on dresses for hours. The Brits smallest size is a 4 while here in the U.S., it's a 0 which no one over the age of nine can wear without risk of anorexia.

I've known this is true for decades. I'm 5'10" (and shrinking) and I wear a size 12 dress -- it's loose but that's okay -- at most middle range stores. If I go cheap -- 12 is probably too tight. If I go wayyyyyyyy top of the line designer -- which I can't afford any way -- I can wear an 8. That's the rule: the more expensive the dress, the smaller the size that fits you. And that's what the European Union wants to change. They want all women's clothing sized the same way.

My question is this: do the wealthy women wearing the top of the line stuff really want to give up their size 6s? I kinda doubt it. We gals are funny that way. I just wonder if it's coming to a store near me -- I hate trying on clothes. I hope this also applies to pants and jeans -- tall gals like me have a difficult time indeed. And guys -- it could mean no more sitting outside fitting rooms and having to answer the question y'all hate: "Does my butt look too big? " (The answer, gentlemen, if you like breathing, is always, "No." )

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  1. Very good post! I don't care what the size is - as long as it fits. At 5'10" and shrinking too, I used to wear size 10's regularly. If the clothing was expensive, I could go to a 6 or 8. One time I bought an Oleg Cassini dress on sale that was a size 4. But now, it is a different story. I know that the size I wear now is not at all equivalent to what my mom wore back then, and the size 10's I wore then are not the same now either - more like a 12 or 13 jr. I think standardization would be great!

  2. The whole size issue bugs me. I cut out the tags because they itch, but it helps me forget that I'm NOT shrinking, and my size 6 years are long gone. I think it would be great if size was standardized. I hope they choose 5'8", 125 pounds, and long legs for me.

  3. Given the oversize of some of the really really fat people (of both genders) I've seen in the USA I would suggest they standardise the size of Tents, too!

    Then the UK police could charge visiting US toureists with
    "Loitering within tent" (groan ;-)

  4. I doubt we will ever standarize sizes in the U.S. if the process is handled by the Government!

  5. I have shrunk in height over the years but I'm growing sideways.

    The funny thing is the old clothes that I've had for years fit fine, ( size medium). The clothes that I try on now, size medium are way to small, even size large can be to small for me. I try on an ex-large and they are to big!

    What's a girl to do - I keep on wearing my old clothes.

  6. Saw your nice comments over at Panhandle's. I love Hemingway too!

    Have a great week!


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