Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just When I Thought I'd Heard Everything . . .

From my Now I've Heard Everything Department:

While dithering about what I wanted to write about today a
link regarding this story came in from The Man, and me being me, I went looking for more info and of course the BBC was happy to oblige with a longer, more definitive story. I'll share his comment on it further along. You'll prolly need a chuckle if you're reading this and are a woman; and if you're a man, you might be wondering where you can sign up for this. On the other hand, most American men know that one wife is plenty.

Temporary marriage, huh? A guy can have as many temporary wives as he wants, huh? How many husbands can a woman have? One. Not fair! And I think I'd be making a safe bet that a woman can't demand that her 'temp hubby' practice safe sex as part of the contract either. I'd be marching with those Iranian women who are protesting this practice. It's a bad bargain for them -- especially if he leaves a little remembrance like a child or worse, a social disease from one of his other 'temporary wives'.

Iran's Minister of the Interior calls marriage a human need and that temporary marriages will solve social problems. Huh? Marriage is a human need? Right -- especially one that lasts 24 hours. Ain't it grand how these Shiite men finagle things to suit their needs/desires? Frankly if I were an Iranian woman, any man who asked me for a temporary marriage would be at risk of having a very temporary life.

Here's what The Man wrote about this:

""A more spiritual way of addressing basic human urges," the Shiite clerics say. Why don't they just allow dating and night clubs like every place else? I don't want to be too inconvenient here, but it seems to me that these Shiites just gave a more proper name to shacking up -- and then called it religiously acceptable.

Also, Moslems have what is pronounced "moo-taw" (mutta) for out of town military people -- terrorists included. Therein, they may take a temporary "wife" for the moment, as often as needed, I guess.

Convenient, this Moslem doctrine. Nice to see how well they have learned to work around the religious dictates they don't like, eh? LOL

They call this one 'sigha' -- could come in handy guys, so write it down someplace."

Sigh. I think he kinda sums it up there, don't you?

I did get a giggle out of this though when I googled 'temporary wives', one of the "sponsored links" read: Meet Arab men for dating and marriage.

Kinda ironic on that page, dontcha know?

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  1. After you left your comment about Bukowski at Sacred Ordinary, I skipped over to your blog which I had not looked at for a long time. I was cynically smiling as I read this particular entry. I will add you to my own blog roll. You've got great content, Kay.

  2. sounds to me like this is their own little version of a brothel!


  3. Fran -- Thank you! I am delighted to join the august company at Sacred Ordinary.

    Yeah they do, Bev!

  4. ... and they think we're weird?!


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