Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Calendar Girls at 80? Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I love, I love my calendar girl -- each and every day of the year!" -- Neil Sedaka, 1961

The Monogahela Historical Society in Greensboro, Pa. is going to raise a lot of money thanks to a dozen women in their 70s & 80s who agreed to grin and bare it for a calendar with tasteful photos that in addition to featuring them in various stages of undress shows historic sites in their area.

All are well-known members of the small community and overcame embarassment and worries about what their kids and grandkids (or their pastor or priest!) would think for this worthy cause. The idea for the calendar was spearheaded and organized by 80-year old Lois Crisafulli after seeing the 2003 movie, Calendar Girls, in which Helen Mirren and a group of British women raised money for cancer research for such a project.

Ms. Crisafulli appears as Miss January lounging in a black convertible covered in pearls, holding a champagne glass in one hand and dangling slinky sandals from the other.

"One of the advantages of being old is that you can do anything you want and get away with it," said 80-year-old Lois Phillips, who as Miss September was photographed in the back seat of a 1968 Mercury convertible.

The photo above is Ms. April, Esther Cox, age 75, clad only in a big pink umbrella. As you can see it's quite tasteful and she looks great!

I don't know about y'all but I love this! I think it's a real delight. The hell with anti-aging stuff -- these ladies have style and chutzpah! Forget size zero models and Paris Hilton wannabes! The gals are awesome!
I'm going to send for one of these calendars -- I can't wait to see the whole thing! You can, too! Just go here! The website is fun, too!
Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. that was great on the calendar. I had seen it also and thought about writing about it. You beat me to it. I bought one like it in 2006-- I can Tell by your Outfit. It was a cowgirl one from Montana

  2. I'd like to see it, but I'm not gonna buy one....LOL. I might do that someday, but I'd have to be a lot older!!

  3. this is getting to be a popular fundraising idea

  4. Hmmm...I don't think they'd have an umbrella big enough for my comfort. Kudos to those ladies...

  5. I'm thinking we should put together and elderblogger's calendar of this kind.

    Waddya think?

  6. lol I'm with you, Judy!

    I agree, Joy! A BIG umbrella for me!

    I like your thinking. Ronni! But Judy and I think we aren't old enough yet! lol


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