Wednesday, May 02, 2007

6 Weird Things about Me!!!!!

My good friend Jan at happening-here? passed on a TAG! to all and sundry to post "6 weird things about me" and I accepted the challenge. The challenge is NOT finding 6 weird things about the Kay -- there are many, many weird things about Kay. The challenge is deciding
which weird things I want to share. Do I choose major, minor, or mediocre weird? Should I be weirder than Jan or attempt to match her for weirdness? So much weirdness . . . so little time. And oh yeah, if you haven't done this, I'm yelling "Tag!" at y'all! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

* I absolutely love really bad old horror movies -- Little Shop of Horrors, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and anything with George Zucco is great!

* Raw hamburger: my mother caught me more than once snitching it from the fridge and I got smacked good and proper. Now I just grab a chunk if it strikes my fancy -- and nobody hollers. lol

* Limburger cheese -- with onions on rye bread. Blame my Daddy for that one -- he liked it, too. I'm the only one of his kids who likes it. My daughter likes it, too.

* I'm the only person I know who literally ran into a car. I was about 9 years old and on my way to the playground and some kids (who magically disappeared) started chasing me with a big bucket of water. I ran full-tilt boogie across 116th Street with nary a look for traffic (rather than incur Mrs. Clean's wrath) and smack into a car and earned myself a trip to ER with a slight concussion. And no, this hard head didn't damage the car!

* My nickname among some of my friends is The Almanac because they say I'm a walking compendium of useless information. What can I say? No one knew what they started when they taught me to read. If there's printed words on something, I read it. That I remember so much of it stuns some people and annoys others. I remember my parents' exasperation as I would spell out the big words on the side of the Rice Krispies box and ask them what it was. The good news is that at 60, I still know a lot of that inane stuff but half the time I don't know what day it is.

* I love hardware stores. I can spend hours in them just looking at all the wondrous things -- the old-fashioned kind are still around albeit rarer and rarer. The coolest one is Lehman Brothers Hardware in Kidron, Ohio -- smack dab in the middle of Amish Country and loaded with all sorts of goodies. A trip there for me is the ultimate high. My most prized possession is my cordless drill. Several years ago when my daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told her, "A cordless drill!" She laughed like hell and said, "You with power tools? Puh-leeeease, Mom!" Fortunately, another friend granted my fondest wish.

Well that's my 6 (of many) weird things! Now y'all can show me yours! And remember: Everyone is weird; some of us are proud of it!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. We have the hardware stores in common; I could spend hours in them!

  2. Lovely collection of weirdness; I only share two of them! :-) The hamburger and the hardware stores (check out Workingmen's Hardware on Mission in San Francisco if you ever get a chance.)

    Great to know that I did succeed in passing this on.

  3. I was in that Lehman's store last summer! I agree, it was the coolest. (I'm really into the Amish.) Also, the hamburger thing just means you were an early conoisseur of good food. You can always call it Steak Tartare.

  4. mmmmm, hardware stores! Love 'em (and who's afraid of a little ol' power tool? ....I'm all for more power!)

    Now the raw hamburger is a little scary with all the food issues we have now days.....unless you're grinding your own from the round or chuck....I will eat a really rare steak tho', just so it doesn't mow or kick the salad off the plate!

    Thanks for sharing

  5. I'm a limburger sandwhich fan too, but one needs to do this in private. The smell, which I prefer to call an aroma, puts off so many people.

  6. lol So nice to know y'all are weird like me!!!!

    I'd like to think of us a having discriminating tastes, Ronni!

    To Rhea, Judy & Jan -- glad we can shop together.

    Don't worry, Bev -- I won't touch it if it's been there more than a day. And a bug 'thumbs up' on rare steak!

    Rhea? You were here & didn't let me know? Lehman's is only about 25-30 miles from me! Let me know should you decide to visit again!

  7. Hey, I like hardware stores too Kay. I guess it's not JUST a guy thing.

    Limburger cheese sandwiches...hmmm. Nope, never tried that one. I do like liversausage, green olive and tomato, really...they're great.

    Loved your weirdities!

  8. Thanks, Joy!!! I like liver sausage too! I'll have to try it your way some time! I usually just slather it with mustard! And dang it, it sure getting hard to find around here!!!!


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