Friday, December 01, 2006

Mea Culpa and Belated Holiday Wishes!

Hey, y'all!!!!! You may have noticed that I've been MIA the past couple weeks. My only excuse is that I've been a busy old gal. (sigh) Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent it with the ones you love most! I spent mine with the Man from Motown. He arrived Wednesday afternoon and stayed the whole weekend so we had lots of time together since we hadn't seen each other since Labor Day. While we keep the phone companies in business with our daily phone calls, they simply can't take the place of talking, shopping, walking, etc. together. Yeah, I missed him. lol One of his many interests is photography and, for some reason, he enjoys taking photos of me. Sooooooooooo since he brought his cameras and since the weather was so absolutely gorgeous one didn't realize it was November in Ohio, we did a couple "photo shoot" in the glorious park near my home. He really does nice pictures as you can see below. I had planned originally to make a photo essay of some of my favs to share with y'all, but (grrrr), Blogger Beta wouldn't cooperate and I just used a couple to apologize to you.

This is Kay feeling lousy for neglecting her blogging friends.

This is Kay in the doghouse where she probably belongs.

(It's actually a potting shed in the children's garden of the park near my domicile.)

At any rate, there you have the illustrated "How I Spent Thanksgiving" and my sincere apologies for my remiss in posting here. I've missed you!!!!!!!! And there will be some more photos soon!

Happy Blogging!!!!


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  1. WoooHooo! Good for you and the Man from Motown!
    It's good to see you back though, too.


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