Monday, November 06, 2006

Election 2006 Thoughts

Tomorrow is Election Day and the Cranky Old Broad is in her usual quandary:  which of the assortment of crazies, liars and damn fools on the ballot should I vote for? I've read the newspapers and watched them puff and posture and name-call on television and newspapers. I've also seen the nasty, almost slanderous (or is that libelous? -- I always get those two confused.) TV ads that make me want to gag. 

That's the way it is in Ohio this year: ugly.  Once -- just once -- before I die or dementia sets in, I'd like to vote for a candidate who I truly believe in without any qualms. And I don't particularly care which party label he/she gives him/herself. I just would like to see someone honest and honorable on a ballot. Is that too much to ask? I guess so 'cause I haven't seen a politician worth a damn since I've been old enough to vote and we won't talk about how long that's been!

I wish I was like The Man who is an unrepentant, if not rabid, Republican, or like a good girlfriend who thinks all Democrats are beyond reproach. Voting a straight ticket is not, and never will be, my style. A clear choice on Election Day would be a pleasant surprise instead of trying to choose the lesser of two evils.

I know people who won't vote tomorrow and that makes me sad. They say they won't make a difference if they do. My answer to them is that not voting for sure won't make a difference. I consider my right to vote sacrosanct. 

There are millions-- billions even -- of people in this world who don't have that right and would love to have that privilege. Sooooooooooooo as much as I complain about the quality of the choices presented to me at election time, I will vote tomorrow because I figure that if we don't exercise our right to vote, they might just try try to take it away. And that would be a tragedy.

Happy Voting and Happy Blogging!!!!


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  1. I voted this morning. We are finally, according to the polls, going to be voting a Republican out of the governor's office in Massachusetts. It's been so many years since a Democrat won. And this Democrat is black! Wow!


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