Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Voice is Missing in the Blogosphere

The Kay is worried. There have been no posts from my dear and darling friend Amanda aka Incendiary Granny since October 5th. That's over two whole weeks with nary a word from her! Those of you who visit Time Goes By and Milt's Muse know we went through this with Milt who we know is a terminal cancer patient in Idaho and we worried about him until his grandaughter contacted Ronni to let her know, sadly, he'd taken a turn for the worse. The good news is he's still with us for a bit longer. And we can all pray for a miracle.

I'm used to Granny's daily posts -- usually eighty or so per month -- and the broad spectrum of information and thoughts she shares always give me pause to think and grin and be amazed. Sometimes she links a silly quiz -- most recently I learned that if I were a Star Trek character, I'd be human (and I'm not certain whether that's a comfort). One day she compared the blogs of Arab leaders with tongue in cheek -- she thinks Quaddafi has more style! There's always something interesting from the art world or regarding animals -- two of her greatest loves -- as well as jokes and commentary.

That she is 86 years young, is the source of my concern. I've emailed her but haven't received a reply. I'm hoping, should she be unable to reply, that her grandaughter, Peach, will let her friends out here in the Blogosphere know how she is doing. In the meantime, I'm asking y'all to join me in keeping good thoughts and prayers for her return and another decade -- at least -- of her "shooting sparks straight from the hip!" I'll keep you posted if I learn anything about her.

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Isn't that funny? I was wondering about Granny too for the past several days too. I'll keep good thoughts on her behalf. Thanks Kay.

  2. You're welcome, Joy! I hope she just went on vacation without telling us & pray that she's just fine.

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Don't think I read granny's site but will keep positive thoughts that she is well.

  4. Thanks to all of you! It's November 5th and still no word from her. I am, of course worried!


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