Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Good Old Fashioned Slob Day

Yesterday I had the day off from work. Not a big deal. Since my work hours were cut I usually have Fridays off but they're usually busy and I'm off running errands, going to appointments, shopping and all the other things a girl needs to do. After I awakened, poured my first cup of coffee and checked my email, I decided that I was going to give myself what I call a Slob Day.

On such a day I don't do a damned thing except what I WANT to do. It's a day where me, myself and I just hang out together and do things we like. Worries and stress are put on hold. Cranky thoughts are not permitted. What I wanted most was to be home. The first thing I decided was that I didn't feel like getting dressed but it was a bit chilly in my place so I threw on a pair of sweatpants and socks with my nightshirt and it actually made kind of a cute ensemble and, more important, very comfy!.

I poured another cuppa and paid a visit to Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By and she had a wonderful piece on the songs and rhymes of our childhood. I wrote a blog-length piece in comments there about how Ogden Nash's "Tale of Custard the Dragon" has travelled with me throughout most of my years navigating the planet. (Maybe I should post it with the poem here? hmmmm . . . )

I edited a piece I'd been writing for something else I'm doing and shipped it off to The Man for his input (he's ruthless! Helpful, too!) and reminded myself that I wanted to get busy on research for some other ideas rattling around my poor brain so I went a-wandering across cyberspace searching for sources and dutifully saving pertinent sites to my favorites and registering where required. I found some really good articles that piqued my creative side and printed them as I find that having printed word in front of me while writing is easier than flipping between screens.

I guess I wasn't a total slob. Every time I got up from the desk, I did a small household task like dusting a shelf or emptying a waste basket so my place looks a bit less cluttered. It's a painless way to do housework.

I'm not really a television freak -- I hate most of the stuff on the tube -- especially daytime TV --- but I confess that I enjoy Montel and Ellen. Montel presents some pretty good programs at times and yesterday's was interesting, albeit sort of heavyweight, so I watched him at noon and a few hours later, after more writing, I watched Ellen -- she's funny and I wasn't in the mood for anything deep. I'm always impressed with how much she seems to enjoy her work and I envy her that gift.

I made some word new puzzles for a friend's site and toured my favorite blogs leaving comments hither and yon. I don't always leave a comment and, at times, I feel guilty about that because I think it's simply good manners to let someone know that I was there. Then again, not everyone who visits me leaves me a note.

On the whole, it was a great day. I relaxed and worked and worked and relaxed. Interruptions were minor and short-lived -- thank you, God! If you, gentle, bloggers, haven't given yourself such a day for a while or (horrors!) have never given yourself such a day, I highly recommend it -- soon! Let me know how it goes.

Happy blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kay


  1. I think this is a great idea. I do this just 2-4 times a year, but I guess I should increase it.

  2. Slob days are good Kay...and needed from time to time. I cerainly have my share. Glad you enjoyed yours without feeling guilty...that's the key. I hope you make room for deserve it.

  3. Okay, all y'all are welcome to adopt my lifestyle, but I'm not turning neat for anybody!
    Montel? Ellen? You don't get TCM?

  4. Tday was such a day for me...and I loved it!

  5. Today was one uch day for me....and I loved it!

  6. Hi Kay,
    Now that I'm retired I have more 'slob' days that I deserve and more than I should confess to having. Aren't they just wonderful though? It must be my inner child saying - I don't wanna! and so I don't. So there. hehe! Glad you enjoyed yours and I wish you many more!! Hugz.

  7. lol Wowsers! I guess I should write about the weirdness I call life more often -- this is the best response I've had! I like your take on this, Marge! And, Veenu. I'm so glad you loved your slob day! AQ? You don't have to be neat . . . unless you expect you want us girls to clean up after you! AND, I only get basic cable -- no TCM for me! (Wahhhh) Hope you try for a few more Slob Days, Rhea -- they really can be enervating! And as always, Joy, your support and sweetness is always welcome! I hope I never get what I deserve . . . I want mercy -- not justice! :-) Hugs to all of y'all!


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