Saturday, September 23, 2006

Kay's World: Miscellaneous Melancholia & a Ramble through the Blogosphere

In case anyone has missed me, I've been busy devoting time to the obligations of my so-called life. Had a couple (what I thought) pretty good job interviews but obviously I was wrong since I didn't get either. (sigh) Our neighborhood association had its annual Block Party and as a member of that committee as well as the Executive Board, I had things to do. The good news is it was a success and my press release worked -- the local fish wrapper covered our event with a good-sized color photo with a blurb that was almost verbatim from my release! I think I missed my calling as my releases usually are published without editing so perhaps journalism is my bailiwick. A "meet-&-greet" to welcome my boss to our city was held at the Art Institute and it was really nice. A lot of the movers and shakers in town were there and I was pleased and surprised at the turnout for him. Pleased that we had such a nice response and surprised at how many people I knew. It also sort of depressed me because it reminded me of how far my status in this city has dropped and how terribly under-employed I am. Oh well -- one makes one's choices and one lives with them and I really don't have many regrets about them. Someone wiser than I said, "A life lived without regrets is a life not lived." I have lived and I have survived and that's what counts. I've also been working on two writing projects that I want to submit. One has a deadline on it so it's pretty crucial. And the phone has been ringing a lot regarding other issues.

Today I decided I neglected my blog too long so here I am rambling on despite other priorities. Funny how one doesn't find time for the things they enjoy when life intrudes although sometimes I wonder if this blog thing isn't wasting time. Silly, I know, because the wonderful friends I've made are worth every pixel and every minute I type. And paying visits and respects to them at their blogs, is a delight and I do miss y'all when I allow the intrusion of other things! I really have to stop that and give y'all your due respect.

I am a bit disappointed, however. I applied to the Ageless Project to be added to their blogroll and obviously haven't been accepted as the time frame for acceptance has passed. I think it's a really great site and added it to my links. The good news is that I made a new friend there and added her to my links. The Incendiary Granny is a delight at a feisty 86 years young. Her blog is interesting and fun as she is "shooting sparks from the hip for more than eight decades." If you look at her list of favorite sites, she's proof that one's mind doesn't curl up and die because one is older. She speaks her mind in no uncertain terms and, whether you agree with her or not, you have to give the lady her propers. I want to be like her when I reach her age. I hope that, if you haven't met her, you'll take a look-see.

Others I added to my links: Rhea at The Boomer Chronicles stopped here to visit and I, of course, returned the courtesy. Her site is a great blast from the past! I laughed until tears ran down my cheeks as I read and was reminded of my youth. Dave Lucas visited also and on visits to his blog, I read his thoughts on a variety of issues from politics to aging -- he figures he'll make it to 130. Marge at Picking Peaches, a fellow Buckeye, linked me to her site where she posts photos and thoughts on life. She wants Maxine, of cartoon and greeting card fame, for President! In my not so humble opinion, Maxine is probably better than the cartoon characters who already seem to be running! lol Suzz at Suzzwords believes that laughter is the best medicine and keeps me smiling. Kate at Hugging Aspens writes on environmental issues and her abiding love for the Sierras where she resides. Maya's Granny shares her wisdom and common sense as an "elder of the tribe" at her self-named blog. These are all interesting sites and worth at least a drive-by!

I'm going to get a site meter today so maybe if I see that people are actually reading this, I'll feel better and write here more. Then again, maybe I'll feel worse. Whatever. I'm here for better or worse. Long may I rave! lol

Here's wishing y'all a great day and. as always ..............

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hey, Kay, thanks for the mention. Don't give up on Ageless Project. I didn't know I had been accepted until I got a referal. Keep blogging, it's much more fun than cleaning the oven!

  2. Good to hear from you, Suzz! Clean the oven? Heck, I've been here since April & I haven't figured out how to light the oven! It's a gas stove but it works differently -- obviously -- than the one at my old place. Picture the Kay on the floor with a flashlight hunting for a clue as to how to light the damned thing. And I keep forgetting to ask my landlord. sigh I may bake something again.


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