Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just My Take: JonBenet

The JonBenet media circus is back in overdrive with John Mark Karr's statement that he was with JonBenet when she died. Despite reports that he couldn't have done it, I hope the authorities prove his claim is true so the Ramsey family can finally have some peace and closure.

Their tragedy has gone on too long & I can't begin to imagine the pain they feel seeing her pageant video displayed again and again on television. John Ramsey couldn't even take his son to start his year at Purdue University without the press' intrusion, according to the news reports today. I feel sorry for his son, Burke; this young man's chance of growing up normally has been destroyed by the media's pursuit of his family. I congratulate him for earning entrance to Purdue -- one of the finest institutions in the country. It couldn't have been easy for him the past ten years since his sister's murder and having lost his mother mere months ago. What a terrible burden for this young man to bear!

And that brings me to something that has nagged at me through this entire case and I'm sure there will be those who will take issue with what I'm about to say here and I'll concede their right to their opinion just as I have a right to mine.

I have always felt that beauty pageants for little girls were stupid and unnecessary. Heck! I think all beauty pageants are stupid but at least when adults are involved, it's usually the contestant's choice not some stage mama trying to cash in on her daughter's looks/talent/whatever. This appeared to the case according to a documentary I saw prolly a dozen years ago and has left me cringing every time I hear of such an event. While it may not be true in all cases, my take is that the parents are living life vicariously via their children. That's not the problem that bothers me most -- I've seen parents like that in all sorts of kids' activities. What bothers me is the attention these little girls might receive from the likes of a John Mark Karr. Don't these people stop to think that putting their daughters in more makeup than I wear might attract the wrong sort of people? Wouldn't this industry attract pedophiles? Are there any standards in it to protect these kids? I doubt it and even if the pageant officials/promoters do attempt to provide security, what's to stop some twisted individual from tracking these girls to their home or school?

John Mark Karr says that he loved JonBenet and her death was an accident. The last time I checked, strangling usually isn't an accident and furthermore, one doesn't strangle the one he loves. There's a special place in Hell for his ilk. That said, I'll spare you all further thoughts on Mr. Karr and others like him.

JonBenet and her family are in my prayers. I hope this can be put to rest soon. Ten years is too long and all the Ramseys have suffered long enough. Just my take.

Copyright 2006 Kay Dennison


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    The sad thing is pedophiles gravitate and/or infiltrate any activity that involves children.

  2. Yes, I'm aware of that but why would one display their child in such a venue that could appeal their prurient interests? And people wondered why I always stayed and watched my kids' practices.


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