Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kay's World -- The Skinny Old Gal is back!

Kay’s world has been in an uproar of late. It’s my only explanation for my absence from my blog. I had the opportunity to work extra hours so I did. I also spent a lot of time on job interviews seeking the illusive position that would get me on track –unfortunately young and pretty is still winning. I’m still trying to get settled from my move and it might even happen one fine day but don’t hold your breath for that news flash! For some reason, this time of year is doctor time so I had to spend time with my dear Dr. Julie. She nagged about my cholesterol (gotta do something about my addiction to 3 Musketeers bars) and patted me on the head for my good blood pressure and mammogram. Dr. Jamie, the ophthalmologist, performed cataract surgery on my left eye earlier this month and my message to all you elders out there is: it’s really rather cool stuff and I’ll tell you about it later. Through all this, my Man in Motown has been a rock – he even came and held my hand and tended to me after the surgery. Whatta guy – right?

It appears that things are easing up a bit and I am determined to get on with my writing here as well as The Great American Novel & other works in progress. It’s the busy season for our neighborhood association an as a member of its executive committee I have responsibilities but after years of taking on too much I’m finally learning that the word ‘delegate’ is a good thing. At any rate, that’s the latest from Kay’s World. I’ll be back either later today or tomorrow with the word on something on my alleged mind. It sure feels good to be here. I’ve missed you all and will be visiting your spaces soon.

Please note the lovely photo above. My man in Motown is a wonderful photographer and swears he didn't touch it up! LOL

Y'all take care and have fun! I'll be around to see you all and be back here to share the adventure I call life soon.

Copyright Kay Dennison 2006

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  1. Good to see you back! ...and good on the "Man in Motown" for being there for you!


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