Saturday, March 25, 2006

Kay's World: Things that make you go GRRRRRRRR Redux

Another week in Paradise. The antibiotics, etc. didn't work but I went to work anyway and dealt with a whole great big bunch of traumatic issues which I'll tell you about when the dust settles. As it is, the drama continues with my doctor. On Wednesday I went for my follow-up on last week's visit to the ER. The following conversation ensued with the very nice front desk lady . . .

SOG: Hi! I'm Kay Dennison & I have an 11:15 appointment with Dr. Julie.

A startled look crossed the very nice lady's face as she scanned her computer's screen.

VNL: We didn't get in touch with you.
SOG: What?
VNL: Dr. Julie is sick.
SOG: So am I. That's why I'm here. I was in ER a week ago one step away from pneumonia & I'm still sick. The antibiotics haven't worked.
VNL: I'm sorry. We will have to reschedule you.
SOG: I took time off from work to be here that I really can't afford. I need a doctor.
VNL: I'm sorry . there's no one who can see you, Ms. Dennison. I can give you an appointment on the 31st at this time.
SOG: I'll be here if I'm still alive.
VNL: I'm sorry. You can call when she comes back & perhaps she'll have you come in before then.
SOG: And talk to that VOOP who leaves me on hold forever? I don't think so.
VNL: I really am sorry, ma'am.
SOG: I know -- it isn't your fault. It's just what happens when one has the dread disease, NHHI -- Not Having Health Insurance. I just wonder how many people are dying from NHHI and .if anyone really cares.

And so it goes in Paradise . . . Some of the people who have all the good things will say that I need to take responsibility for myself and that I need to get a good job with benefits and I've been trying mightily for a very long time. It's easy to say that when you're sitting with all the good things at your disposal and haven't been out on the firing line. I hope they never get the reality checks I've received.

Kay Dennison

Copyright 2006 Kay Dennison

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  1. Oh Kay, I know how you must be feeling...apart from the horrible SICK stuff. I face that difficult decision at the end of Sept. I hope I can afford insurance, but I refuse to go down in flames trying to pay for it. And the job thing? I haven't focused on that for a while...other things have cropped-up. It was good to see you post something...I was wondering just how bed-ridden you might have been. (((((Healing Hugs))))) -Joy


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