Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Update and the 2012 Debates and Assorted Nonsense

I'm still putting in a LOT of time at Obama HQ and our group is gathering kudos for our efforts. Last Sunday my buddy Peg (age 75) and I ran the office while all the able bodies were out doing a major canvass. For our efforts we received awesome T-Shirts that read: As Ohio Goes so Goes the Nation.

We began early voting in Ohio yesterday and I'll be casting my ballot later day. It really does make difference for the candidates.

and . . .

Tonight we get to watch the first debate of Election 2012. Here's a great video to get you in the mood and give y'all a chuckle or three. Just go to the New York Times for 4+ minutes of fun.

Here's a very well done video that explains what Romney and his supporter want:

I love former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholme -- she really can rev up a crowd!

And here are some great graphics from . . .

It wasn't 'in' to sleep with frat boys when I was in college but Paul Ryan would not have passed muster for a date . . .

Go ahead -- giggle!!!

Just in case y'all forgot . . .

I think we all know who did all this but, of course, you will never hear anyone responsible for it admit it . . .

Gotta love Jeff Bridges -- now that's the kid of guy I'd date ('cept he's married -- like for eons!!!)

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. All good stuff. Keep your energy up!

  2. Kay -- thanks for all your great effort. Tonight is an important night. Watched all your good videos on this post. I think this election is about the common folks against the elite. Class warfare almost. - barbara

  3. Wow, You have worked so hard on all of this. It makes me ashamed of how little I have done this time around. These are great posters and comments.

  4. You keep me well-advised. thank you.

  5. I haven't kept up probably as much as I should have, but last I heard Ohio was firmly in the Obama camp, so kudos to you for all your commitment and hard work!

  6. I hope you're not to bummed out about the debate
    the media is blowing it out of proportion of course

    I love all these tidbits of political fun
    the Paul Ryan billboard is fantastic

  7. Thanks for looking after things so well. I'll be working on voter registration on Monday. Every vote counts!

  8. Willy respects your beliefs but is totally opposite. Willy has a strong Christian background. Willy loves gay people, has gay friends, but Willy does believe that gay is wrong according the Bible that Willy totally believes in. Willy knows people that have had abortions and Willy strongly believes that abortion is taking a life. Willy believes that this is wrong. Willy still loves those people that have had abortions. Willy respects the current President because he is the President. Willy does not respect the fact that the President endorses the ideals that Willy believes is wrong such as Gay Marriage and Abortion. Take out the fact that Willy believes that many of the Obama ideas will hurt Willy's pocketbook. That is not what is important here. Willy does not necessarily like Romney but his moral compass is more attuned to Willy.

    I would respectively like to voice my opinion here and let you know that Willy likes your blog Willy believes that another 4 years under Obama's leadership will lead to the final moral decay of our once great Country.

    10-4 Willy


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