Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick Note, Apology, and Thanks!

I am ashamed of myself.  I have not been a very good blogger.  I am sorry.  Life is far too lifelike these days. I am hurt, disappointed and downright angry at some recent events -- none of which are really my fault except that I actually said how I felt about someone/something that I thought was wrong.  I won't bore y'all with the details but the reaction only proved how right I was about one of the persons in question.  But for now, I'm the bad guy and will be until the real bad guy is exposed for what he is -- and he will as such people always do but not until the cycle of his evil has played out and hurt more people. And some of those involved call themselves Christians which grates on my last surviving nerve. Enough!

Needless to say, I am not in very good shape.  I'll be seeing Dr. Gerri soon and hopefully, she'll help me get a handle on it all. Let's just say that my occasional struggles with anxiety attacks are becoming more frequent. I have to re-think my life -- again.  A good start would be separating myself from the psychos who seem to clutter my path on the rocky road I call life.  Think I need to stop wearing Obsession? (giggle) The good news is that someone bought me a bottle of Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist and I sorta like it but I'll know better after the reviews come in and who/what it attracts -- giggling uproariously here.

I'll be weeding this weekend and adding more flowers -- my irises are waning a bit. I've thought about moving but decided against it. Moving is more than I can handle for now although I got a letter that sounds intriguing and that could prove interesting if I choose to make the call. I'll, hopefully, be doing some cleaning, painting and sprucing things up this week. Y'all keep good thoughts for my energy.

I'm skipping my usual June trip up north. I'm really not ready to take on the long drive yet and Barb understands -- Thank God!!!! She says that both of her girls are worrying her as Anne isn't doing too well either. I told her not to worry about me as I will be fine and I will prolly head up later this summer. And yeah, Gene, we'll do lunch -- it's my favorite stop when I travel up north.

I hope to get around an see y'all soon between chores and I have some great graphics to share late

Here's a happier note in memory of Donna Summer who passed on recently at age 65. I sorta like disco -- it was happy, up beat music and the dancing actually real dancing rather than shuffling around. Here she is at the Nobel Prize concert in 2009. What a lady!!!! May a gracious and loving God be good to her.

And check out the orchestra's conductor -- he was rockin!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Sending good thoughts and energy your way, Kay, hang in there.

  2. More good thoughts for you...

  3. You are in my prayers for healing... emotionally as well as phyically... some times you have to
    weed out the negative in your life and keep the positives... Know what you speak on aniety attacks.. I have to really work on mine... getting to hate change even more than I did before.. so have to push my comfort zone from time to time. Keep the faith.. prayers for good health..

  4. Hope you'll manage to feel better son; it's a bugger when life throws us sticks to fall over.
    I once spent a summer in Malta, it was the year Donna Summer's hit 'Love' was played for hours in the discos every night. I started out loving out but that changed after the first week . . . . . .

  5. Kay, you're in my thoughts and prayers for bouncing back.

    if you like disco, don't wait another second to see this video:

  6. Constant stress is as bad for health as not eating right or driving too fast. You really would do well to eliminate (as much as possible) things (and people) that may not cause it but contribute to it all the same. Hope Dr. Gerri helps.

  7. Karma pays for all, but I am often disappointed that it does not happen to the wicked right in front of me so I can enjoy it! Really that desire the see the punishment is a failing of my own that needs to be worked on :( . Sending hugs and hopes for better days to you. Yard work always leaves me calm and happy; I hope it will do the same for you.

  8. Hang in there, gal! Always the pits when another causes problems but somehow immediately escapes being recognized as the perp. Hope you're able to let it go from your mind for your own health's sake. No doubt it was the perfume! ;-) Maybe a little gardening will do the trick.

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    1. For some reason the comment above appeared twice, so I deleted it.

  10. I liked Donna Summers because she could be expressive and didn't always just belt it out.
    Like you, I've been put in the wrong with a neighbor, but we have worked it out. We aren't friends any more, though. Well, he was a dud friend anyway, and I've got other friends who are really great! And my blogger friends, too, like you.
    Hang in there, Kay. It will get better.


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