Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Assorted Nonsense

I'm trying mightily to get back to get back to a regular blogging and visiting schedule but life keeps intruding everything I really want to do.

Here's a bunch of assorted graphics and video that have accumulated in my email.

This is an old clip (less than a minute) from Bill Maher) that makes me smile:

Here's an obvious expert on marriage (after I fell out of my chair laughing) weighing on the subject . . .

The perfect protest sign -- a note came with it saying "feel free to use it" (and I might now that it's warm enough)!!!

Bill Maher calls it right . . .

This is an actual student loan statement -- 'nuff said . . .

Good question, huh?

This three minute video really shows what an idiot Donald Trump is. Frankly, I've never liked George Will much because I don't usually disagree with him but it's a policy issue not a sanity issue like so many on right. If you can see the video, I think you'll see that the technical term for the Donald is "batshit crazy". Maybe we should apply it to Mittens too since he seems to be planning to name Trump as his running mate.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. Those are some good ones, Kay. I agree with you about George Will. I always read his column but disagree most of the time. But, he has Trump pegged.

  2. Good choices, Kay. Particularly that Rush Limbaugh line.
    As for a regular blogging schedule, I'm sure you can see I don't have a regular one. I just go along doing what I need to do and when I get an idea burning my butt or have something I really want to pass along, then I write something. I've done way better than ever with that sort of "schedule". I'm just glad to see you getting along well--well at least most days. :) But then those rants I pretty much always agree with and understand!

  3. I had to stop watching this video at 4:18 and it wasn't even half over...I can take just so much stupid foolish nonsense from Trump! He is an A-Hole of the first order.....HELP!!!!!!!
    Better to NOT give him any more time than he already gets...! OY
    More Maher, I say...!

  4. Love that Limbaugh poster.

  5. blog when you can
    irregular means creative :)

    I love the stuff you collect

  6. Hi Kay! Thank you for stopping by :)
    P.S. Still owe some money on my education. Sigh.

  7. Good ones Kay!! I too find that life comes before blogging sometimes then again why not blog about some of it (the good parts).:)

  8. I saw some of these and they are to the point. I especially like the 99%/1% visual -- they never have enough until they get it all -- then the kicker may be the $$$ might be worthless since all the rest of us won't be keeping their world going.


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