Monday, April 09, 2012

It's the Groaner of the Week!!!!

Here's a truly stellar -- albeit long -- groooaaann that's been languishing in the archives. Enjoy!!!!!

Far away in the tropical waters of the Caribbean, two prawns were
swimming around in the sea -- one called Justin and the other called

The prawns were constantly being harassed and threatened by
sharks that patrolled the area. Finally one day Justin said to
Christian, "I'm bored and frustrated at being a prawn, I wish I was a
shark, then I wouldn't have any worries about being eaten..."

As Justin had his mind firmly on becoming a predator, a mysterious
cod appears and says, "Your wish is granted," and lo and behold,
Justin turned into a shark. Horrified, Christian immediately swam
away, Afraid of being eaten by his old mate.

Time went on (as it invariably does...) and Justin found himself
becoming bored and lonely as a shark. All his old mates simply
swam away whenever he came close to them. Justin didn't realize that
his new menacing appearance was the cause of his sad plight. While out
swimming alone one day he sees the mysterious cod again and can't
believe his luck. Justin figured that the fish could change him back
into a prawn. He begs the cod to change him back so, lo and behold, he
is turned back into a prawn.

With tears of joy in his tiny little eyes, Justin swam back to his
friends and bought them all a cocktail. (The punch line does not
involve a prawn cocktail -- it's much worse.) Looking around the
gathering at the reef, he searched for his old pal. "Where's Christian?" he
asked. "He's at home, distraught that his best friend changed sides to
the enemy and became a shark," came the reply.

Eager to put things right again and end the mutual pain and
torture, he set off to Christian's house. As he opened the coral gate
the memories came flooding back. He banged on the door and shouted, "It's me, Justin, your old friend, come out and see me again."

"Christian replied 'No way man, you'll eat me. You're a shark,
the enemy and I'll not be tricked."

Justin cried back, 'No, I'm not. That was the old me. I've changed . . . "

(wait for it)

....."I've found Cod, I'm a prawn again, Christian".

(The Kay ducks and runs for cover)

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. Oh, that's so sweet. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very, very, very much for brightening my Easter with a story of salvation.

  2. Wonderful groan.

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Amazing. You gave me a groaner and my religious exposure for the week, all in one go. Thanks!
    Cop Car

  4. Replies
    1. LOL The Lord had nothing to do with it!!!

  5. GROOOOAAANNNN! LOL! Good one, Kay...!

  6. This made me chuckle out loud. Even as I sat hear at nearly two in the morning. Good way to end my night -- barbara

  7. Oh. My. God. You've outdone yourself, Kay!

  8. Hahahaha! LOVE it! Gonna e-mail to our Pastor and wife. Thanks for sharing Kay. :)


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