Monday, March 05, 2012

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Google Stole My Reading List!

My reading list is gone from my Dashboard! &*@%&* Blogger!!!! Help!!!!


  1. What the heck? many people are fed up with the craziness that is Blogger. I have Typepad, which has been great in general. I've thought about switching...but I'm paranoid and afraid to take the chance of losing stuff. I feel your pain.... ~Joy

  2. WordPress is the best. Just my opinion, BUT! (When I started this in late 2006 I was warned about some of the others and WordPress was just starting out and recommended highly by established bloggers I knew, so that's where I decided to hang my hat. I've never been sorry, and I still do things there for free.)

  3. No biggie Kay. This happens to me all the time. Usually, it comes up when I hit F5 for refresh or at worse, in a day or two. The two day thing only happened once.


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