Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just in!!!!!

I am a busy, busy old lady today and just stopped to check my mail and moderate comments. I received an email with the words "sweetheart deal" in the title from those good folks at asking me to pass on the letter below. I don't think these greedy folks have been given enough at our expense. I think it's important and am sharing it with y'all. Please join me in letting Obama know that we don't want Wall Street to get anymore favors on the backs of us ordinary mortals and please feel free to pass the letter to other interested parties which should be just about everyone y'all know.


 Reports are out that in the next 48 hours, President Obama could
make the call on whether to hold Wall Street accountable and open an
investigation into the banks' role in the housing crisis, or agree to a
sweetheart deal that lets them off the hook.

I signed a petition urging the president to start an investigation to hold
Wall Street banks accountable for the damage done to our economy. Can you
join me at the link below?


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  1. I really don't think it makes any difference what we regular citizens think or care about. The only thing heard right now is money talking.

    1. I figure that it's my Constitutional right to holler at 'em and that if enough of us do, they have to listen or we'll get rid of them. Ask Gov. Scott Walker of WI about that. I hear too many people who feel the way you do and don't exercise their rights. I'm going down fighting and am glad that here in Ohio, I'm not alone.

  2. Done! I basically asked the big guy to sock it to 'em this time! Hope it makes a difference. Btw, I cut and pasted the link in my browser and it worked that way very well. (Just in case someone else experiences problems with the link.)

    1. Glad to hear it, Alice!!! I'm not going down without a fight and am glad I'm not alone!!!! Did your time in Ohio make you militant? LOL!!!!

  3. Good for you, Kay! And what the heck? Newt won?

  4. Obama has essentially hired the same Wall Street execs as his economic advisors who were in Treasury positions during the Bush Administration. Predominantly Timothy F. Geithner and a host of former Wall Street executives.

    We still have the foxes regulating the hen house.


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