Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Raising Hell in Ohio

Jimmy Hoffa (Didn't he do his daddy proud?) isn't the only one who was raising hell on Labor Day. Former Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio and other leaders of our State had some well-chosen words to say, too, and my young friend Lauren covered it very nicely! Some people criticized Hoffa's words but I never saw the Republicans criticize Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann for their less than kind rhetoric and who can forget Sharon Angle's "2nd Amendment remedies?


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  1. They were trying to say it was violent talk but when it was in context, it was clearly about voting and supporting candidates who believe in the middle class and working people. I think he got it out of the film Independence Day though which was about taking out alien invaders. I personally liked it ;)

  2. It made me uncomfortable. I am so for unions, peoples rights, and the middle class, but I think J.Hoffa crossed the line. SOB was too much for me. I long for civility.

  3. Rain: I liked it, too. Ted surprised me because he's a minister and I'm not used to men of the cloth cussin'!!

    Maria: I've walked a picket line and I know that people say/do intemperate things in the heat of battle -- and that is what is happening in this country. We are fighting for our way of life.

  4. You can fight the good fight, but it is inevitable that unions will go the way of the dinosaur... until the younger people feel the burden and bring them back.
    ~ SEIU Local 503


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