Sunday, August 07, 2011

Winning and Gratitude

Now y'all know that I'm not famous for being lucky! In fact this very short, funny video pretty much sums up how it usually goes in Kay's World:

That said I actually won twice! First, I won a copy of "The Longevity Prescription" at Time Goes By which I am now currently reading and learning that, as I suspected, I'm a mess. Then again, I've beat longer odds as I'm not really supposed to be alive to read it.

Then I received a note from Paul over at Cafe Philos that I won his "Comment of the Month" award for July. I am greatly honored to have won as I find the readership there is very intelligent and witty. The Prize? I won a T-shirt that reads: The Cafe Philos Blog. Pretty cool, huh?

Many thanks to Ronni and Paul for their kindness -- nor to mention their great blogs!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Kay--You can no longer say, "If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!" (Not that you ever did!)

    Congratulations on both wins.
    Cop Car

  2. You deserve to win more than you did. I am not very good at winning.

    I know you are too young to remember or have experienced "Cake Walks" Years ago as a child I attended "Cake Walks with my Mother. She was a member of the local chapter of the "Eastern Star," a female branch of the Masons.

    Someone played the piano while we all walked around in a circle laid out with big numbers. When the music stopped you looked under the number to see if you had won a cake

    I think most everyone won a cake. All the member ladies had baked and brought one.


  3. Kay -- thanks for the link - good blog. One of my favorite blogs right now is bedlam farms -- not a political one -- just a straight forward with life one. Perhaps you might enjoy it --

    -- barbara

  4. CC: Actually I can -- good luck is as rare as hen's teeth around here.

    Chancy: No I'm not too old. I come from Ohio country folk. I recall going to a cakewalk one with my paternal grandparents and my uncle Val (who was about 10 or 11) when I was about 4 yrs or 6 yrs old. I thought it great fun watching the men marching around my uncle Val who stood on a chair holding the cake as my great aunt Blanche played the piano.

    And yeah, I know about the Masons and Eastern Star -- my Grandpa and Grandma were members as were my dad and his brothers. I can't be in it 'cause I'm a Catholic albeit the renegade sort.

    And I hope I never get what I deserve -- I want mercy not justice!

    Barbara: You're welcome!!! We do share some history don't we? It's nice to have some common bonds with you.

  5. Right on Kay! It feels good to get validation from others and with all the hard work you do, you certainly deserve it.

  6. Linda: Thanks!!! I don't blog for glory but sometimes it is nice to know that one isn't talking to oneself. :) I do love comments. It's why I try so hard to keep up with y'all and feel guilty when I can't.

  7. Congrats! It's so encouraging to win, even if the prize is quite small.

  8. Thanks for your kind mention, Kay. Much appreciated.


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